Cat and Kitten Diseases

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Are you having kittens? If so, it is mandatory to get to know about cat and kitten diseases in order to maintain perfect cat health care. There are far too many cat and kitten diseases. Lets us touch upon some of the common illness that the cat faces more often than not. 


This disease caused by the virus that causes common cold in human beings. The symptoms too are much like the one you see in human beings. Though this disease is not fatal, the cat and the care taker will be put in to lot of distress. The disease can be troubling the cats for 6 weeks or even more. In general the vet will prescribe some antibiotic, antihistamine and eye ointment. Of course, there is a vaccine for this in the market but that can give protection for only 6 months and is generally administered to the cat in case of nearby outbreak. 

Urinary infection

Urinary infections are very common in cats just like the human beings. Urinary infections are very painful condition. The cat will have strain while urinating. At times blood can be noticed in urine. If the cats are vomiting and the abdomen is bloated, then it is clear indication of urine blockage. The vet needs to be contacted immediately. The urinary infection at times turns fatal, hence as soon as any of the symptoms mentioned above, the same needs to be intimated to the vet at once. 

Infected or swollen anal glands

If one notices the cat sliding along the floor, the reason for the same can be nothing but tapeworm infection or swollen or infected anal glands. The anal glands are noticed inside on the either side of the anus. As swollen anal glands needs to be emptied as there is no other way out. There are only two ways. You can empty the anal glands on your own which is not practical. The other option is nothing but taking the cat to veterinary hospital. 


This problem is noticed in cats just as noticed in human beings. Lack of exercise, poor diet and hair ball ingestion are the causes for the constipation in cat. If the cat is found to be roaming around with bloated tummy and has not had bowel movement for the past few days, then it can be construed that the cat suffers from constipation. All one has to do is reporting the same to the veterinary doctor. The doctor may prescribe a medicine over the phone or may ask you to bring the cat to his place for further examination. 


Diarrhea is just the opposite of above discussed constipation. Poor diet, infection, change in the food timings, food allergy etc are the reasons for the same. Soft bowels or loose stools are not necessarily diarrhea in general. In cat watery stool is only considered as diarrhea. The cat will be come very weak. The cat will prefer lie at one place rather than moving about or playing as it would be dehydrated by then. At times blood can be noticed in the stool of the cat. If that is the case, then waste no time in taking the lovely pet to the vet as it could be life threatening problem for the cat. Feeding cottage cheese or cat food mixed with cooked rice can control the diarrhea in cat. 

If you want to maintain perfect cat health care, you should know about these diseases, not only for treating, but atleast you can go tothe vet to treat your beloved cat.

Cat Health Issues- A Discussion…

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For those cat lover it’s very important that they want their cats to live as long as possible.   Although genetics may have an effect but there are many things that can be done to maximize the cat’s life potential, starting when they first come under our care. It is always useful to understand the cat’s symptoms that make things visible from going worse. 

Very common cat’s symptoms are vomiting. When cat starts vomiting there is nothing to be in panic. As the cats eat the junk food and the potted plants they tend to vomit.  They could be some allergic reactions that could cause them to vomit.  Give the cat lot of water.  When proper care is not taken and the cat keeps vomiting continuously this will lead to dehydration and can even result in fever along with possible death.

Other common symptom is Diarrhea.  This can be a sign of an important condition than everyday indigestion. A real problem with dehydration is possible, so don’t allow this condition to be ignored and get your pet immediately to the pet hospital.

The other cat symptom is lack of eating. The pet refusing to eat and also not looking to drink for long periods at a time is not normal behavior. This needs to be looked at as a sign of a potential issue of bad health. Cats with an illness often will avoid eating; this might just be your kitty way for attempting to tell you of his or her illness.

The last symptom would be Sluggishness – Cat’s do sleep a whole lot, Lethargy is a yield sigh of some kind of problem.  When your pet sleeps a; throughout the entire day, a possible cat symptom sign that there may be an issue.