Tips on How to Prevent Cat Rabies

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A fatal zoonotic disease developed in animals infected by a virus called Rabies. It is the most common disease found in Asia and Africa and in some developed countries. Among the domestic animals, Cat is the common carrier of the rabies disease. Rabies is a contracting disease that is easy and heavily risked especially ones caught from the streets. The rabies infected to the domestic and wild animals, cats, eventually spread to people, when in contact with them through Saliva, bite-marks and scratches.

Cat likes to wander outdoor increasing the minimal chances of the spread of infection when they meet with wild animals. It becomes important to take steps to prevent cat rabies because it can spread from one animal to the other easily. The best way to prevent cat rabies infection is by early vaccination preventing your pet, cat or dog of infecting with rabies also developing into contracting of the disease.

The Stray animals often infected with rabies, you should help keeping away from your pet cat. If you allow your cat in the outdoor, make sure you watch over her so that she will not stray away to other places. You should also lodge information on stray animals in your neighborhood in the local health department. It is not wise to handle the stray cat yourself as they may bite you and inturn you catch disease.

In addition, you should refrain from feeding the wild cat, as they are aggressive and increase the chances of cat bites.

Safe protection measures should follow if you observe a wound on the cat.  You should quickly pay a visit to the local vet to perform a full medical checkup. Wearing hand gloves and getting yourself vaccinated before you work with animals minimize the spread of rabies to the humans. Vet doctor should request their general physician to provide a vaccine for high-risk person that is vulnerable to the cat rabies. You can find such rabies vaccination shots from the local health departments.

Things to Think while Playing with your Cats

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In order to keep the cat fit and lean, one needs to spend sufficient time in making the cat play. Playing with the cat is as important as feeding right nutrient to the cat. Playing with the cat helps to build special bond between the cat and the pet owner. This also improves the over all health of the cat as well as the cat’s owner.

The cats love to play. For indoors cats we should provide sole play opportunities. The adult cats and the kittens like to play and share common interest as far as playing is concerned. The kittens do not require any kind of stimulation in indulge in play. But the adult cats should be encouraged to play.

Right toys- the first and fore most things required is right kind of toy to play. If you want the cat to play hunting game then you require mouse toy which can move about with the help of battery. Never use your hand for stimulating the cat to play hunting game. The cat may bite the hand and damage it very badly if excited too much. The hand should be used for feeding and petting and not for hunting or killing. The toy provided for play should not have any loose strings, elastic bands etc which may be swallowed by the cat accidentally. The toy should not have any sharp ends which may hurt the cat very badly.

Sound stimulation- the toys that are provided with bells are really very effective in stimulating the cat to play. The toys provided to the cat should be periodically replaced with new one in order to avoid boredom. Never place all the toys in front of the cat and expect the cat to play with all the toys at a time. The cat will get tired soon. You will also not have any other toy in hand to replace once the cat is used to them all.

Fatty Liver Disease in Cats

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Diseased cat

Fatty liver disease also known as hepatic lipidosis is very among cats. You can suspect this condition when an over weight cats reduces the food intake all of a sudden. The loss of appetite can be due numerous factors, hence rule out other causes before confirming the diagnosis. No harm in seeking the veterinarian assistance as the fatty liver disease is very harmful and endangers the very survival of the lovely pet.

Fatty Liver Disease –Clinical Sign

The first tell tale sign is decreased food intake and reduced energy level in otherwise active cat. The cat will be very lethargic and will not play as much it used to. In most cases these early warning signs go unnoticed as they are very subtle. As the days pass, the clinical signs will be more pronounced crying for the attention of the owners. Soon the cat will refuse to eat even a bit. The cat will start vomiting and can develop jaundice. At this stage the liver is completely down. But the cat can be saved if proper medical care is provided but the prognosis is guarded to poor.

Fatty Liver Disease –Diagnosis

The clinical symptoms can not confirm that the cat is suffering from fatty liver disease. Only physical examination, cytology of liver, ultra sound technique, and blood sample analysis can confirm the disease. Fine needle aspirate technique is very simple procedure where there is no need for aesthesia or sedation. The liver cells are extracted using fine needle and are analyzed to confirm the fatty liver disease. Biopsy of liver is the other technique that can confirm the disease, but it is more complicated as it requires anaesthesia. At times there can be life threatening bleeding.

Fatty liver disease -Treatment

Food is the primary treatment tool for the fatty liver disease.  The appetite stimulant and other liver medications don’t bring about desired result in fatty liver disease. Temporary feeding tube is the only treatment option available. Esophagostomy tube and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube are the two most common temporary feeding tube used in the treatment of fatty liver disease. These tubes help the cat to get enough calories without disturbing the liver, thus bringing about changes in metabolic process which helps in the speedy recovery. The cat will start eating in two weeks time from the time we start using the temporary feeding tube in cat and start recovering gradually.