No “Cure” for Hairballs: Is It True?

July 07, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Uncategorized

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Hairballs in cat is really a big problem. Most of the cats suffer from occasional hairballs. Shorthair breeds get hairballs  occasionally. But long-haired breeds  tend to swallow more hair  as they have more hairs. There is no cure for this condition (except surgery) because the hairballs block the intestine and may lead to difficult situation for the cats.

If not treated, intestinal blockages create serious and even life-threatening problems for the cat. Hence this is the high time to get to know about how to prevent hairballs in cats.

Prevention Of Hairballs

1. Groom your cat

Brushing your cat regularly with a comb will definitely prevent the problem of hairball. After brushing wipe the cat with damp cloth to remove the remnants of hairs in the body.  The more hair you can get off your cat by brushing him, the less he will swallow.

2. Using Hairball removing products

In spite of regular grooming, some cats may go for hairball problem. You can use petroleum based products to reove hairballs. These products will act as lubricant and laxative to facilitate the pushing of  clubbed hairs from the intestine. These products are available in palatable taste, can be fed to your kitty either in paste form or solid form. even you can apply this cream to your cat’s paw to allow your cat to lick it,

3. Food or Treats That Eliminates Hairball

You can use mineral oil to liquidate hairballs. Try to give cat treats because these treats contain muneral oil. Nowadays few pet products  companies manufacture special kitten food, which are specially made for fur or hair ball problems. Consult your vet to get these treats for your kitten.

Try to use these tips to get rid of hairballs at the earliest possible time. ALL THE BEST!!!