Cat Declawing-the truth

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The people do indulge in declawing of the cat. The main reason for this is protecting the furniture. The untrained cat with claw is very dangerous as it will damage the curtains, and carpets along with furniture. The cats just love to scratch the furniture. If the cats are not trained against it then be sure, your furniture is in danger.

The cat declawing also helps in protecting the owner from being injured. The children in the house are in great danger if they try to mis-handle the cat. The cats will start scratching and harming the people if they are provoked or if they are nervous.

Bartonellosis and toxoplasmosis are the two diseases that are transmitted from cat to human beings. In most cases these diseases are transmitted through bite and there is a chance that this disease can be transmitted through scratch too. According to many declawing is a very drastic step one indulges in as there are so many other ways of preventing the cat from scratchning.the owners who indulge in declawing are only concerned about their problem and do not take in to account the problems of the cat.

What does the declawing process involve?

Onychectomy is the other name of declawing. This operation is much more complicated than one normally assume it to be. Declawing is nothing but amputating the toe of the cat at first joint. Here the front portion of the cat’s toe is removed along with the muscle, nerve and blood vessels. The operation is very highly painful and the healing process is much longer. Cat clawing is more complex operation than sterilization and spaying of the cat.

Are there any disadvantages to declawing your cat?

There are many disadvantages for the cat as well as the cat owners. The cat declawing is not legal in many countries. Cat declawing is considered as inhumane practice in many countries. Cat declawing is nothing but a kind of animal abuse. Many people are not aware how painful the cat declawing can be. The cats do not show the pain outwardly but they suffer in silence. We as the responsible cat owner should under stand this. There can be plenty of surgical complications that can follow the cat declawing just as the other major operations. In general most of the vets use minimal pain killers during the cat declawing. As discussed earlier, the healing process takes long time and the post operative pain continues for even a month after the operation.  

Professional cat declawing

In case you are hell bent on declawing the cat irrespective of the disadvantages, then at least be prepared to do that professionally. Let the operation be done with bare minimal discomfort to the cat. The best method of declawing is laser declawing. As there is very less bleeding and swelling in laser declawing, this method is considered the best by many. The cat should be 4 months old at the time of declawing. The cats that are old and are not physically active should never be declawed as it will take much longer time for the wound to clear.

Home Remedies for Cat Dandruff

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As I visit the pet forums very often, I came to know that the dandruff in cat is a big problem to many vet owners and most of them are not aware of the ways and means of controlling the same. If you are owner of a black pet cat, the dandruff problem will be appearing bigger by many folds. Let the pet owner not fear any more. There are so many home remedies for cat dandruff that help to overcome the problem without having to spend time and money at vet clinic.

Home remedies are easy to follow and one has to just observe the symptoms, environment and take appropriate action that is all. In most of the cat dandruff cases only three factors are involved.

Let us discuss about all here. If the cat is aged or overweight, it will have dandruff at rump or tail. This reason for this is very simple. The cat because of it’s over weight not able to reach the tail and rump for self cleaning. The aged cats also will not be able to reach these parts to clean because of lack of agility and flexibility. All one has to do is to clean the cats regularly. Such cats should be groomed at least once in two months. Read more…

Cat Lovers will Ever Turn Dog Lovers?

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In general, the people who are cat lovers remain so and don’t become dog lovers that soon. Are you one among the Cat lovers or dog lovers? Can cat lovers become dog lovers or vice versa? The answer remains elusive. Let’s discuss little information about the chosen topic in this article.

Dog Lovers

A person loves his dog. The reasons are many. The dogs love their owners very much. They are very playful. The follow the owner wherever he or she goes. The dog spends most of their time near the owner by resting under his chair or chasing its own tail etc. The dogs bark very often for varied reasons. Sometimes to seek the owners attention. At times to show their disagreement. But no one will ever forget the joy and affection the dog shows the moment the owners comes home from outside. All the trouble that the dog had created will be forgotten the moment the owner realizes the pet’s unlimited joy and affection.

Cat Lovers

The cats are very different from the dogs. The cats don’t follow the owner like the dog. The cats are in general very independent. This doesn’t mean that the cats are less affectionate when compared to the dogs. The cats too will play with the owner if they want to. The cats will have their own character, which may be good or bad, but the love and affection shown towards the owners is un-adulterated. The cats will never greet you on your arrival from outside like dogs, but they have their own way of showing affection.


Having gone through the facts about this animal behavior it appears that the cat lovers and dog lovers have different mentality. But there is no concrete proof to make one believe that cat lovers can’t become dog lover. But at the same time, we understand that the personality of the cat is certainly different from the dogs. The dogs can be helpful in protection but the cats can never play that role. The cats may venture in to the kitchen un- warranted but the dogs never do so. The scratching of the furniture, the vice of the cat can never be seen in dogs. Likewise the cats are not ferocious like the dogs, where the cats score more positive mark.

If you are dog lover and want to become a cat lover, think a lot before venturing understand the positives and negatives and then decide. One of my friend recently switched over from the dog lovers group to Cat lovers group. What about you? We hope this article would have helped you little in that regard.

Bringing Home a New Cat? – What All New Cat Owners Should Know

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Have you made your mind that your next pet that is going to be is  a cat? Well by now you should be impatient thinking about the new addition to your family?

Inclusion of a cat to one’s home should be really exciting and fun filled action as you are going to have some delightful time in your future when you would be playing with and nourishing the cat.

Following are the guidelines which you can follow to provide a new and healthy environment for yourselves and the new kitten.

1. Don’t you have previous pet owning experience? Don’t you have previous experience in managing a cat and handling it? If your replies are negative then you should be better if you gain information on the methods of caring a cat. Kitten always require some more love, care and attention which will push you to spend more time amidst your tight schedule

Visit the nearest library and the neighboring bookshops and try to become informative about the cat care. Try to visit the local pet shops and ask for counsel as you have never had an experience in this and so you are a beginner when it comes to pet keeping. Making the kids involved in the process for nourishing your cats is important and so try to read facts about the involvement of kids too.

2. Initially try to get a session with health care or vet consultant to ensure that the kitten that you are bringing home is out of danger and free from health hazards. Look out for a vet who has a registered clinic or the one who is available in a famous hospital and treat them as the partner in your cause of pet keeping. The important thing is to ascertain that there is no threat of Fleas when you bring home the kitten as you never want to give it a setting to develop that has Fleas .

3. In order to protect these curious and anxious animals ,keep some of the undesirable objects out of their reach and some of them which should be kept away from them are the English Ivy and the lily which are all poisonous to cats. Ensure that you have removed them before getting a new kitten .

4. The next important factor that leads to a healthy sustenance of the cat is the food that you offer them to consume. It is really a challenging task especially for a beginner to pick out cat foods which are available in market plenty. Get inputs from your vet and go for dependable and established brands. Try to keep in check the nutritional needs of the kitten as it widely varies from that of a grown up cat.

5. Get some articles and materials that you can provide them to make sure that you make things easy for them. Scratching post will fend off the cat from scratching your sofa and other furniture .Other mentionable articles are feed dishes ,litter box, a bed, some cleaning sets like nail clippers and combs to make them tidy. Make sure that you add some toys and cat carrier to the list, as the latter will come in handy when you try to take your cat with you wherever you go.

Get all set while you are coming home with a kitten after going through the above mentioned points.