Treatment and Control of Flea and Heartworm in Cats and Dogs by Revolution

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Revolution is nothing but a type of systemic, topical and on- spot medication. Selamectin is the active component of Revolution. Selamectin is not only the parasite killer but also flea regulator. Selamectin prevents flea eggs and prevent the larvae from developing. Revolution treatment should be done at least once in a month to get best results.

Revolution treatment is not only effective against flea problems, but also prevents ear mites, ticks, and sarcoptic mange. Revolution treatment is effective against heartworm disease too. Revolution treatment destroys microfilae heartworm in the blood.

Application Method

Revolution application depends very much on the weight of the dog or cat. More the weight more is the requirement of the active principle. The hair at the base of the neck of the pet [dog or cat] has to be removed. The medicine has to be poured on it now. Care is taken to air dry the medication. The area should never be touched. Sufficient time, preferably two hours should be allowed for the medicine to be absorbed in the system. Now, the pet is ready for bath.

Required Consideration while using Revolution

It is the duty of the pet owner to subject the cat or dog to heartworm test before going for revolution treatment. This test must be done by a qualified veterinarian and he should certify that this cat or dog is fit for revolution treatment. Only then one can go for revolution treatment.

Precautions and Warnings

The pet owners must avoid skin contact. The owner should never come in contact with the medicine. The owner should also never touch the part of the pet that has medicine. Since the revolution contains volatile substances, one should be very careful while handling.

Revolution and its advantages

Revolution is very effective if they are applied on regular basis. Though there are many medication available for flea problems in pet, revolution is cheap, available readily and are very effective as mentioned above. Revolution prevents hookworms and round worms in addition to flea control. Revolution is available in pill form also. Those who want to keep away from the hassles of topical application procedure can very well go for pill form.


Effective Heartworm Medication For Cat

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Heartworm medication is in general referred as HWP by most of the veterinarians in the abbreviated form. The same can also be termed as heartworm prevention. The consultation with the experienced vet is the best way to counter heartworm infection.

Heartworm infection of your lovely pet cat depends on lifestyle of the pet as well as the region in which they are domesticated. The above mentioned factors and the general health and immune level of the cat will be considered by the vet in prescribing the product selection to counter and treat the infection

There are many safe and best medications are available in plenty in the vet medication market. The selection of medicine is of course the sole discretion of the vet. There are certain features that need to be considered while prescribing the heartworm medication of the cat.

The vet will consider the following points before prescribing the same:

Whether the medication is approved by the BVM or not?  The size of the dog, the dosage of the medicine, the effects and the side effects of the medicine, the presentation of the drug, the ingredients, the price of the medicine, the guarantee and the administration route and the duration of the drug.

In principle, the medicine selected by the vet should be effective, easy to administer, less frequent administration and should have less side effects.

Most of all, the medicine must cost effective. The dosage will be of course decided by the vet depending on the size, more appropriately the weight of the pet.  Using the drug that performs more that one function, such as preventing the worms as well as removing the root cause of the problem by killing the fleas from which the worms originate.

Likewise some pet owner may prefer pills instead of topical applications and vice versa. The owner has the liberty to express his liking in selecting the route of drug administration.  

The pet owners do need to buy the medication recommended by the vet. In case of non-availablity, the vet needs to be consulted for alternate medicine instead of making his own choice or leaving it to the drug shop employee’s whims and fancies. The dosage and the duration should be in line with the vet’s advice without any deviation.