Cat Flea Home Remedies

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Fleas’ problem is one of the biggest problems in cats. The fleas can consume hell a lot of blood from the poor little creature called cat. These fleas can lay about 50 eggs in a day. The fleas can suck blood fifteen times more than its body weight, which really astonishing fact, is it not.
The eggs laid by the fleas will fall in to the environment where the cat lives. In a matter of 2-12 days these eggs hatch out in to larva. This larva will feed only on the flea faeces for up to 21 days. This larva will start growing and will soon complete three more stages of development and become pupa. This pupa will remain dormant for 150 to 200 days from the day the eggs are laid. These eggs are hatched near carpet, backyard, and car due to the vibration caused by the movement of the object and man.
The fleas are very strong and can live without food for about 2 months. The fleas can live comfortably for 8 months with food i.e. blood. These fleas will thrive on the blood of the cat and other animals and make the animal weak. The weak animals will be prone for infection and so many health hazards. Hence the cat’s environment should be kept clean in order to keep the flea number minimum to protect the cats from the potential danger.
The fleas can be killed by heat in all stages. The bed, carpets, rugs etc should be cleaned with hot water mixed with soap. The cloths can be exposed to dryers and steam cleaning to keep the flea’s nuisance under control.
There are very effective natural treatments for flea problem. The natural treatments are as effective as chemical treatment but one need to use natural treatment options more frequently than the chemical treatment. The topical treatments are effective but care should be taken sensitive parts should never come in to contact with. Yet more and more people are opting for topical treatment option as it is easy to follow. While opting for topical treatment option, care should take not to hurt the skin of the person who is treating the cat.
Those who want to get more information about the natural treatment can contact green pet and can send email to the mail ID provided in the website. Regular grooming is one of the best ways to control flea in cat. Running the flea comb is the simple and easy way of clearing the flea from the cat. For over all health of the natural diet is highly preferred. Hence it is the duty of the cat owner to provide natural food for the cats as much as possible. The natural food should have sufficient garlic and vitamin complex. One can think of using green pet nutritional supplement powder as it is rich in organic minerals, vitamins and herb like garlic. The cats are lovely creatures and are enjoyable pet and hence needs to be protected from fleas in all possible way=

Home Remedies for Cat Dandruff

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As I visit the pet forums very often, I came to know that the dandruff in cat is a big problem to many vet owners and most of them are not aware of the ways and means of controlling the same. If you are owner of a black pet cat, the dandruff problem will be appearing bigger by many folds. Let the pet owner not fear any more. There are so many home remedies for cat dandruff that help to overcome the problem without having to spend time and money at vet clinic.

Home remedies are easy to follow and one has to just observe the symptoms, environment and take appropriate action that is all. In most of the cat dandruff cases only three factors are involved.

Let us discuss about all here. If the cat is aged or overweight, it will have dandruff at rump or tail. This reason for this is very simple. The cat because of it’s over weight not able to reach the tail and rump for self cleaning. The aged cats also will not be able to reach these parts to clean because of lack of agility and flexibility. All one has to do is to clean the cats regularly. Such cats should be groomed at least once in two months. Read more…

Home Remedies for Minor Injuries in Cat

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Minor injuries in cats are inevitable. The minor injury may be abrasions, scrapes, cuts etc. The minor injuries are mostly seen in cats that live outside the house whole day.  Of course, these injuries heal on its own in healthy cats. But the pain, swelling and the discomfort that the injuries cause needs to be taken care by the pet owner, is it not?

The minor injuries are in general treated with antibiotics and anti inflammatory agents. The conventional treatment can be topical or systemic.  It is true these antibiotics and other chemicals bring comfort to the cats, but the prolonged or frequent use can lead to damage of the immune system of the cat. The cats may lick the chemicals applied topically. The chemicals absorbed may not be digested properly and may result in digestive disturbances thus deteriorating the health of the casts.

Hence, it is always advisable to go in for home remedies for minor injuries as they are safe and have no side effects. Although there are numerous home remedies for cat urine removal, the natural remedy for minor injuries are only in negligible amount. Let’s discuss it out here.

First the wound should be observed and assessed. In case if there is no bleeding and the wound is small, it is better to leave it as it is. The wound will heal on its own.

If the wound is deep, then it needs to be cleaned with sterile saline. The fur or hair in the area needs to be trimmed. Take two tea spoons of Epsom salt. Dissolve it in the warm water. Soak a piece of gauze in it. Compress the gauze gently on the wound.

If the wound is bleeding, then attempt should be made to stop the bleeding. Cold compress is the best option as it controls the bleeding and also reduces the swelling. For Cold compress, place crushed ice in small plastic bag and wrap the same with dry towel and use it for compress the affected area for about five minutes.

We can also use natural disinfectants such as honey or aloe vera. The honey can be applied with cotton swab and juice of aloe vera can be applied over wound. The wound can be covered with fresh clean comfrey or plantain leaves and can be secured with bandage immersed in cold water. But, the dressing should be changed daily.