Tips to Remove the Cat’s Urine Smell Ultra-fast

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The cat’s owners are breaking their head to know, how to remove the cat’s urine smell fast. The cat’s urine smell is really very unpleasant. The cats are on protein rich diet and the same is the reason for bad smell of the urine.

There are so many cat odour removal products available in the market and most of them are very effective but they are very costly. Let us discuss about few simpler ways of removing the cat’s urine smell.

Baking soda- one must have observed that many people have the habit of placing baking soda in freezers and refrigerators. The reason is simple. Baking soda is a natural odour neutralizer and is very effective in eliminating strong smell. The baking soda should be applied all over the place which needs to be covered [soiled]. Allow the place to dry for some time. Then the place should be washed completely with water. The baking soda needs to be rubbed as deeply as possible in order to get best results.

Vinegar – Most of the pet owners are using vinegar to eliminate the bad smell for many years. Undiluted vinegar is the best in eliminating the cat’s urine smell. The vinegar needs to be used liberally to soak the contaminated floor board or carpet. White or apple vinegar is the best in business. Vinegar is absolutely safe as it will not damage the spot on which it is used. Within an hour the strong smell of vinegar will dissipate taking along with it the cat’s urine smell.

Hydrogen peroxide-In general bleach is used to clean the stain. If you do not want the colour of the area to be lost, then hydrogen peroxide is the best choice. Hydrogen peroxide kills the bacteria there by eliminating the odour completely. One need to apply hydrogen peroxide on small area and wait for two hours to see whether there is any bleaching. If there is no bleaching, then one can proceed with the same to the entire area. As hydrogen peroxide is very good at killing the bacteria, the bad smell dissipates gradually.

Although these are the simple home remedies available to get rid of cat urine smell fast, you can get more ideas by visiting these Home remedies for cat urine smell.

Cat Urine Removal Home Remedy

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The Cat urine removal home remedy is an alternative to the stain removal cleaner bought from the stores. The biggest advantage of using a cat urine removal home remedy is that it will not produce side effects. The resources for the home remedy found in the home allowing you to make the best use of them and there is no need to purchase them. Some of the home remedies that are frequently used include vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, enzymes and Gerbera Daisies plant.


Vinegar is a common home remedy that can remove the cat urine stain. Before applying the vinegar, you have to wipe up the spot with a dry cloth. After that, you should pour the vinegar solution on the carpet. The making of the vinegar solution is easy mixing of one part of vinegar and two parts of tap water. You should allow the water and vinegar solution to remain on the spot for some time. After a while, you can blot it with rag cloth and paper towel. You should keep on wiping the spot for several times until the cat urine stain is completely gone.


Hydrogen peroxide is a simple treatment that you can use to remove the cat urine. You have to pour the hydrogen peroxide into a bowl. The recommended dosage of the hydrogen peroxide is 15 ounces. Mix the hydrogen peroxide with some liquid soap and baking soda and apply to the affected area stained with cat urine.


Enzymes are also a popular cat urine removal home remedy. The enzymes are unavailable in pet stores; the janitorial stores offer enzymes at an affordable price. In enzymes the protein element, that with similar function to urea, break down the elements of the urine so that the stain and odor can be eliminated.


Besides, plants such as Gerbera Daisies also help in removing the cat urine. Gerbera Daisies is naturally absorbent to the ammonia found in cat urine and thus it can remove the cat urine odor.