How to Act when your cat is lost?

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When your cat gets lost it will be the worst day for any cat lover or the cat owner as the pet would have been lived as one of the family member. Before you start to search you should try to understand why he went out or what could be the reason. If you think your cat is missing unknowingly the kitty would have lost the way to the home, then before you could put the missing posters, do a door to door search.

Probably the kitty should be there in the neighbor’s house wanting to come home after some time. Still if you do not find your cat in the nearby houses do not waste any time take the recent picture of your cat and stick on a board or a flyer to make a posters and have it displayed on the streets so that it is quite visible.

You need to update your contact information and your contact address too. Do keep "lost " notices  in your surrounding area as well as in your neighborhood. Don’t forget to hang the notice iat the nearby vet’s offics . Keep on posting ads in the newspapers until you get the lost cat.

Missing cats of some time ago can be found whe it is living on the streets or he is shifting her/his home from one to another, there is every chance of some one can identify her/him and inform you accordingly. But this won’t occur if you haven’t shown the posters or ads out there.

As we know prevention is better than cure, it is always mandatory to keep them indoors safely for their own protection as they solely depnd on you to ensure their safety. Hope you will definitely get your lost cat within couple of days. But don’t do the same mistake of letting them out again to search them again and again…

Do Your Cat Require ID Tag?

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Some of the cat owners are having difference in opinion with regard to the ID tags for cats. It is mandatory to have a separate ID tag for your cats regardless of whether your cat is outdoors only, indoors and outdoors, or indoors only.

You indoor cat can escape out of your home, if someone leaves the door open or in case of tragedy like burglary or house fire.. If your cat lost or get out, an identification tag will be the best method to get your cat back.

As a cat owner, you may ask what should be written on the ID tag. You should know that the tag should contain permanent letters and also the information should be current. even you can imprint your cell number on the tag for getting reunited with your cat as soon as possible. 

Apart from the normal cat ID tags, there are beautiful engravable cat collar name tags. The popular engravable cat tags are silver cat tag and a gold fish ID tag.

Please tell me what is your Cat ID Tag…