Understanding Cat Breeds

April 12, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Breeds

Cat breeding have been performed by themselves for the last thousands of years. Our ancestors used the cat breeds for only one purpose- killing and hunting rodents. Now days we began to breed cats according to our desire. At present, there are numerous breeds of cats – which you can assess if you have taken a close look.   

In the cat registries there are 70 distinct cat breeds. But some of the cat registries register only 40 breeds or so, as they didn’t include the more wild breeds such as tigers. 

Some cat breeds have a deep history. Say, Japanese Bobtail, a Japanese breed is having a good old history of 1000 years. These cats were very well known and common throughout Medieval Japan. 

The common cat breeds, which are abundant in North America, include the Persian cat, longhaired cat and alley cat. Although Siamese cats are known for their foul temper and destructive behavior, it is having their own pet owners through out this world. 

If you want a loving companion, then you can prefer to rear Persian cats. Persian cats are really popular cat breed among the pet owners although it is more expensive. The cost of a Persian kitten depends on the factors- what type of Persian cat it is and where you get it. 

In North America, the next best cat breed is Alley cats. Although there are several different breeds of alley cats, most of us call to them as alley cats. This cat is really a GOOD pet. As we know cats are prolific breeders, the Alley cats outnumbered any other breeds in North America, as there are hundreds of them in the streets of North America. 

You can easily find out the breed of the cat by means of its appearance. Some people classify the cat breeds on color. But identifying a cat based on the color is not an easy task except Siamese cat. Most of the Siamese cats are almost black. You can easily identify a Persian cat by their hair and body type. 

Do you know cats were the first pets of the human race? Although there are different breeds of cats are in existence, only few breeds got good patronage among the cat owners. No matter what breed you’re having – you’re sure to have a pet that brings a great joy for years and years to come.