Right Food for Your Kitten

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Cats are lovely pets. More and more people are going for it of late. The issue here is most of the people are not aware which right food for the cat is. As kitten, they are very small and cuddly but soon they will grow big. In order to ensure that the kitten is healthy and happy as a responsible owner one should understand the specific need of a kitten.

Like all other animals the kittens do require certain basics. They are precise nutrition, lot of affection, time to play and sleep. The kittens require individual needs as well. As the kittens love to play aggressively as a basic instinct, most of the pet owners think that the kittens are healthy and ignore proper feeding. The kittens require more proteins and calories than the adult cat. Hence feeding the kitten with the same cat food will not work. Improper feeding will lead to problems like obesity, poor immune response, poor muscle and bone development.

The kittens require sufficient nutrients in order to remain healthy all through life. The kittens require taurine and other special nutrients for proper growth and development. Providing the kitten proper nutrition is very much required for the well being of the kitten. Providing properly formulated kitten food is the need of the hour. The kittens should be provided -2-3 meals a day. Free feeding of the kitten is not recommended as it will lead to obesity.

The kitten can be provided with dry or canned food so that they can be used to their textures. The cats are very affectionate animals and the children will love to spend their time with cats as much as possible. The kittens are cute looking and are highly playful. These lovely creature require right food, there is no second thought on that.

How to raise a healthy kitten?

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It is always better to select the kitten from the whole litter. You should select the kitten that is active, playful and friendly. The kitten selected should be confident looking and should approach you happily. The shy and sensitive kittens should be left behind.

At the time the kitten is taken home, it should be 7-8 weeks old. Some pedigree breeders will keep the kittens with them up to 12 weeks old so that they can complete the vaccinations needed. There are certain things one should look for while selecting the kitten. Let us discuss about it here.

The ear of the kitten should be clean and should not have any unpleasant smell. The cat’s eyes are blue in colour. The cats with white blue eye are highly prone for deafness. This can be checked by making sound outside the field of vision of the cat.

The eyes of the kitten should be clean and bright and there should not be any discharge. The teeth of the kitten should be white and the gum should be pink. The coat should be clean and shiny and the coat should not have any flea. The area under tail of the kitten should be spotless.

Setting the new kitten

One should have good pet carrier to take the kitten home. This way the transport stress can be minimized. Let the kitten come out of the pet carrier on its own. Never try to rush the things as the poor kitten may get frightened. The food and fresh clean water should be ready for the kitten.

Let the kitten be left on its own for some time. Make sure the bed and the litter tray are in proper place so that the kitten can find that out with ease. Let the children in the house play and handle the kitten gently. Let the kitten be confined at house for a week or so.

You should accompany the kitten when it goes out of the house for the first time. This way the kitten will feel secure and develop the bond towards the owner. Let the other animals and the pets be introduced to the kitten slowly.

Be sure the other pet does not harm or frighten the kitten as it is a new arrival. If proper care is taken for a week or so, then the kitten will amuse itself as well as the other pets and house holds by its playful activities.

Cat Equipments

Bed- cardboard box along with a blanket or a cushion is more than enough for the kitten. As the kitten grows, you may require covered bed or wooden box. The bed should be washable only then the bed can be kept clean. Let the bed be provided in warm, quite and draught free place.

How to choose a kitten as family pet?

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Kittens are very cute and the kids just love them a lot. The kitten will grow faster and will become an adult and will live for 20 years and more. Choosing a kitten is not easy as you think. One should spend sufficient time and study the options available carefully before arriving at the decision.

Never decide to buy the first kitten you see or the cutest kitten of the lot. It is better to use the head instead of using the heart while selecting the kitten. You need to visit the place of the kitten in person before selecting the kitten. Just watch the behaviour of the kitten with the mother. Observe the interaction of the kitten with the other kitten. Then you can make the decision.

There are two important things that need to be considered while selecting the kitten. The health and the personality of the kitten are the two things mentioned. Please remember the kittens born to single mother will not be the same.


One should select the healthiest kittens in the lot. There is no need to select the kitten seen by you in the first litter. Try and have a look at all possible litter before making the selection. You can also request the help of the vet to select the kitten. You should be aware that you need to pay charge for this. The vet will charge you for every visit.

Your selection will be good if the following criteria are taken care. The kitten selected should be alert, active, inquisitive and lively. The kitten should be feeding well and the coat should be shiny. The eyes should be clear and not have any discharge. The ears of the kitten should be clean. There should not be any coughing or sneezing. The rear end of the kitten should be clean.The kitten should be steady on its feet and the legs should be straight.


The personality of the kitten selected should be good. It is easy to identify the personality of the kitten if it is in the litter. The kitten should not be wary or covering which indicates that the kitten had very little human contact. Such kittens are very difficult to domesticate.

One will have to spend more work and time to correct this behaviour. The kitten that comes near you the moment it sees you will be aggressive and dominant. Such kittens are difficult to control. The kitten may be cute but if found to be sensitive then it may not enjoy the company of other animals housed in the family.Sensitive kittens will take long time even to mix with the pet owner.


As discussed earlier, one should spend sufficient time is choosing the kitten and one should never rush the procedure. The kitten purchased will be almost like new member to your family and hence the kitten selected should match with the likings of the family member. You should ensure this. If the health and the personality is good then the kitten selected by you will sure to be good.

Reason For Chasing a Thing by a Cat

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The behavior of chasing starts when your cat is as kittens. Tossing, batting and poking around small objects are how kittens learn to stalk prey. One of my cat tossing a toy in the air, and then she run like crazy again. Do you know why? This is because cat family is known for chasing a prey to quench their thirst of hungry. In other words, chasing is their natural instinct.

When they chase a toy or a thing, it will develop the survival skills, which would help them provide for themselves if they ever needed to do so.

Have you ever seen you cat stomp on her toys? Yes they will! It is mainly due to the fact that your cat wants to hunt and kill the prey.

Cats are classified as a bugger, mouser or birder. This is nothing but the preference of cat towards the toy that mimics catching bugs, mice, or birds. These cat toys will stimulate them to interact.

There are many interactive toys available in the market that mimic the motions that cats love. Do gift these cat toys on your cat’s next birthday to enjoy the actions and movements involved with the process of hunting from which they create a form of play. Happy Toying!!!