How to Adopt Rag Doll Cats?

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Are you in the process of adopting the rag doll cat? Congrats to you. You can hold your head high as you are going to adopt one of the most compassionate, loving and friendly cat . Adopting the rag doll cat is not all that easy. The process is confusing and irritating for many. Let us discuss about it here so that you will not find any difficulty in adopting the rag doll cat.

The rag doll cat can not be found at shelter as it is a pure bred cat. There are few rag doll cat rescue groups in the United States of America. But the cats that are housed are very old and are will so many health problems, hence that is not the place to look for.

Find reputable breeders

The best option to adopt the rag doll cat is from the breeder. There are so many rag doll cat breeders in all parts of America. You can easily find them with the help of internet. Make a list of rag doll cat breeders near your area. Then just start contacting them one by one. Ask for the kittens availability and make a not of them. In general the kittens will not be available all the times in reputed breeders. The reason is very simple; the rag doll kittens are sold like hot cakes as there are many takers for them. Besides the rag doll parents can not be bred all through the year which in unnatural. You should be prepared to wait for two to three months to get the kitten from the reputed breeder. So you have time to visit the breeder place in person. Do not wait; plan your visit at the earliest. You can observe the cleanliness of the house during your visit. You can also enquire about the health status of the parent cats. You can also see whether the cats are over crowded.

Ask about the health guarantee

Have a complete discussion with the breeder about the health guarantee that is assured by the breeder. The breeder should be in a position to give one year health guarantee which is pretty decent. If the breeder is giving three year health guarantee which very much appreciable. The guarantees should be in the form of letter, not oral. In case the kitten dies before the expiry of the guarantee date, the breeder should provide you with new kitten without any charge attached to it. The kitten will not be replaced if the cat dies due to pet owner’s negligence or accident. The parents of the rag doll kitten that you purchase should be tested for fatal diseases such as FIP, FELV, HCM internal parasites, worms etc.

Find out the adaptation rules

Get it clarified from the breeder that at what age the rag doll kitten can be purchased. The kittens should be at least 12 weeks old at the time of purchase. The kitten can be purchased from the breeder as it is or neutered or spayed. The purchase price of the kitten should be inclusive of the operation done. One should discuss clearly about this with the breeder in order to avoid last minute confusion.  The other clarification required from the breeder is the declawing policy. Most of the rag doll breeders will ask you sign in an agreement which states that rag doll cat should not be declawed. The declawing is considered as inhumane practice by many. But the pet owner may think of declawing the cat for some reason. This may not be possible if you are planning to buy rag doll cat.   

Cat’s Best Friend

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By all means the dogs are the cat’s best friend, there is no doubt about it. Here is an incidence to emphasis the fact. About three months ago, the kittens, just a week old were put in a plastic bag and were thrown on to the road in sealed condition. The bag was run over by cars one by one. But soon one yellow Labrador dog spotted the bag and dragged the bag with kittens to his home. The dog made big fuss until the owner paid attention to the dog. The dog then made the owner to open the bag. To the owner’s surprise, there were two kittens live and kicking.

But the kittens were completely soiled by the blood of the other kittens that were crushed by the cars that ran over them. This kind of animal cruelty is very bad but such incidences are not very common. The person must have done so, for want of money. The owner then rushed those two kittens to the animal sanctuary. It was really hard to find out how many kittens were there in the bag originally as they were completely smashed by the cars.

The person who did that cruel act must have thought all those kittens would have died as there was hardly any chance for their escape. The cover was sealed and the bags were thrown on to the road. But for this intelligent dog, all those lovely kittens would have died.

Those who do not have any money to take of a pet, can drop the pet near an animal shelter which is not going to be difficult for them. No one have the right to take the life out those lovely creatures. The cats gel with dogs very much. The cats are such a possessive animal; they do not want to have any other pet in the house. But dogs are ok with them. The cats play and enjoy the company of the dogs. Especially the small dog breeds are favourite companion to the cats.

Get to Know Cat Pregnancy Symptoms

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As you think it is not easy to understand and confirm whether your cat is pregnant or not. One has to be a breeder. Only then with experience gained over the year one can really understand the cat pregnancy symptoms. The cat pregnancy symptoms should be understood very early, else by the time one confirms the feline will be in advanced stage of pregnancy. The cats are very peculiar and the pregnant mother cat will show the clear signs only two weeks prior to the delivery.

Let’s discuss here, few common cat pregnancy symptoms exhibited by the cat, which will help the pet cat owner to be familiar with, so that he or she will know exactly what to look for from their lovely pet. This information will also help the owner to understand how long the cat is pregnant? Or at what stage of pregnancy the cat is in?

The nipples will enlarge slowly, turn pink and soft gradually. One can notice clearly that the cat is putting on weight especially in the mid-section of the body. There will be increased appetite and cat will tend to eat more than the usual as the pregnancy advances. The cat will be more affectionate with the owner than usual. This can be clearly noticed by the pet owner. The cat will begin to make a place for their kittens.

One should also know the other information related to the cat pregnancy. How long the cat will be pregnant? Or what is the gestation period for cat? The normal gestation period is 9 weeks. To be more precise the gestation period is 58 to 65 days. The cats give birth to more kittens. The litter size may vary from one to eight in general, but there can be exceptions. But to get an idea, one can be informed that the average kitten’s size is three to five.

But, one can get very accurate number of kittens before delivery. For that you require veterinary assistance. The vet will give you the exact count of kittens by careful examination of the abdomen. At present, modern techniques such as ultra sound technique are available, which will give accurate count of kittens.

If the cat is healthy, there is no need for special care during the pregnancy. The cat can be given the usual treatment, same habitation, routine food etc. but, if it is out door cat, then it must be kept indoors necessarily. The cat must be prevented from rough playing activities either with its own group or with the children.

Never chase or shoo away for whatever may be the reason. Never indulge in poking the abdomen to check the pregnancy on your own as there is a risk of miscarriage. Even though you’re noticing the cat pregnancy symptoms clearly, it is highly advisable to consult your vet to confirm the same.