Bringing Home a New Cat? – What All New Cat Owners Should Know

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Have you made your mind that your next pet that is going to be is  a cat? Well by now you should be impatient thinking about the new addition to your family?

Inclusion of a cat to one’s home should be really exciting and fun filled action as you are going to have some delightful time in your future when you would be playing with and nourishing the cat.

Following are the guidelines which you can follow to provide a new and healthy environment for yourselves and the new kitten.

1. Don’t you have previous pet owning experience? Don’t you have previous experience in managing a cat and handling it? If your replies are negative then you should be better if you gain information on the methods of caring a cat. Kitten always require some more love, care and attention which will push you to spend more time amidst your tight schedule

Visit the nearest library and the neighboring bookshops and try to become informative about the cat care. Try to visit the local pet shops and ask for counsel as you have never had an experience in this and so you are a beginner when it comes to pet keeping. Making the kids involved in the process for nourishing your cats is important and so try to read facts about the involvement of kids too.

2. Initially try to get a session with health care or vet consultant to ensure that the kitten that you are bringing home is out of danger and free from health hazards. Look out for a vet who has a registered clinic or the one who is available in a famous hospital and treat them as the partner in your cause of pet keeping. The important thing is to ascertain that there is no threat of Fleas when you bring home the kitten as you never want to give it a setting to develop that has Fleas .

3. In order to protect these curious and anxious animals ,keep some of the undesirable objects out of their reach and some of them which should be kept away from them are the English Ivy and the lily which are all poisonous to cats. Ensure that you have removed them before getting a new kitten .

4. The next important factor that leads to a healthy sustenance of the cat is the food that you offer them to consume. It is really a challenging task especially for a beginner to pick out cat foods which are available in market plenty. Get inputs from your vet and go for dependable and established brands. Try to keep in check the nutritional needs of the kitten as it widely varies from that of a grown up cat.

5. Get some articles and materials that you can provide them to make sure that you make things easy for them. Scratching post will fend off the cat from scratching your sofa and other furniture .Other mentionable articles are feed dishes ,litter box, a bed, some cleaning sets like nail clippers and combs to make them tidy. Make sure that you add some toys and cat carrier to the list, as the latter will come in handy when you try to take your cat with you wherever you go.

Get all set while you are coming home with a kitten after going through the above mentioned points.

Effective Heartworm Medication For Cat

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Heartworm medication is in general referred as HWP by most of the veterinarians in the abbreviated form. The same can also be termed as heartworm prevention. The consultation with the experienced vet is the best way to counter heartworm infection.

Heartworm infection of your lovely pet cat depends on lifestyle of the pet as well as the region in which they are domesticated. The above mentioned factors and the general health and immune level of the cat will be considered by the vet in prescribing the product selection to counter and treat the infection

There are many safe and best medications are available in plenty in the vet medication market. The selection of medicine is of course the sole discretion of the vet. There are certain features that need to be considered while prescribing the heartworm medication of the cat.

The vet will consider the following points before prescribing the same:

Whether the medication is approved by the BVM or not?  The size of the dog, the dosage of the medicine, the effects and the side effects of the medicine, the presentation of the drug, the ingredients, the price of the medicine, the guarantee and the administration route and the duration of the drug.

In principle, the medicine selected by the vet should be effective, easy to administer, less frequent administration and should have less side effects.

Most of all, the medicine must cost effective. The dosage will be of course decided by the vet depending on the size, more appropriately the weight of the pet.  Using the drug that performs more that one function, such as preventing the worms as well as removing the root cause of the problem by killing the fleas from which the worms originate.

Likewise some pet owner may prefer pills instead of topical applications and vice versa. The owner has the liberty to express his liking in selecting the route of drug administration.  

The pet owners do need to buy the medication recommended by the vet. In case of non-availablity, the vet needs to be consulted for alternate medicine instead of making his own choice or leaving it to the drug shop employee’s whims and fancies. The dosage and the duration should be in line with the vet’s advice without any deviation.