How To Prevent Feline Bladder Infection?

May 04, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Diseases

Have you ever heard the term FLUTD? It is nothing but feline bladder infection. It is also called as cystitis. You can easily identify this disease simply by the way your cat is urinating. Your cat will urinate often outside the litter box and also cries out whenever she tries to urinate. Blood in urine also being noticed.

One step further, if your cat can’t urinate at all, immediately seek an appointment from your vet because there might be blockade in her urinary tract. So your cat requires treatment solely on diagnosis.

The main treatment for this feline bladder infection is prescribing antibiotics. The problem of this disease can easily be ascertained by urinalysis to check for white blood cells and also you ought to perform a urine culture for your cat to identify the bacteria that is causing this dreadful disease. Urine cuture also help us to choose the suitable antibiotic to contain feline bladder infection.

The best treatment option for cystitis in cat includes herbal and natural remedies. The herbs Barberry and Uva Ursi, along with Staphysagris and Cantharis find its role in containing the feline bladder problems.

You can prevent the bladder infection in your cat before start of this disease. Yes… Change your cat’s diet from the present diet to wet canned food. The cats that are fed with dry food are more prone for bladder infection. The best way to prevent cystitis in cats is to allow them to drink lots of clena and pure water. Make sure that the water is free from all kind of contaminants. It is better to provide filtered or distlled water. The best thing to prevent this feline bladdder infection is minimizing your pet’s stress level.