Cat Food Info – a Perfect Eye-opener

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Cat food info is an important criterion to be looked upon by the cat owners. There are so many cat food brands available in the market. The owners may question which the best cat food brands is. Before choosing a cat food from market, you should have cat food info. 

Info-1 –Cats need Protein in their Food

 The food that we give to the pet cat should be rich in protein. This protein should be derived from fish, poultry and meat. The protein can also be derived from beef, tuna fish, chicken etc. There are many commercial cat food companies who use these products as a source of protein. However, it is the duty of the pet owner to check on the veracity of the manufacturers claim.

Cat food info-2 – Cat Food requires Taurine

Taurine is nothing but an amino acid. This amino acid is very important for the overall health of the cat. Hence, it is advisable to buy the cat food that has taurine in it in sufficient quantity. If you buy a cat food that has less quantity of taurine, your cat will eat a lot more till it consumes sufficient quantity of taurine. As the result, you will end up paying more by way of cheap cat food. Hence, it is better to buy a food that has all the required nutrients, even though it is bit costly. 

Cat food info -3 Dry Cat Food Vs Canned Cat Food.

Commercial cat foods are available in the market both as dry cat food as well as canned cat food. Many are not sure which one is better. As the result they end up buying the food that is available nearby and at affordable price. This is absolutely a blunder, I would say. The dry cat food should be given to the cat when you are at home, because you can provide sufficient drinking water side by side. But, when you are away from home for a day or more, then you need to go in for canned food only. Because the canned food will have more water content and more protein than the dry food which will take care of the cat’s requirement even when you away.

Cat food info-4 Avoiding Cat Food Fillers

It is better to keep the cat food fillers to minimum. Because cats require more protein in their food. The cat food fillers will prevent the cat eating sufficient quantity of protein thus affecting the health of the cat very much.

Food recipes for cat – nutritious, easy and quick

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Many people are of the opinion that the best cat food is the one that is available in the market in can or pack or box. The reason is that the labels of the  commercial cat foods  carry words like “ Proven Scientifically “ ,  “ recommended by the vets ‘ , “low in ash “  and many more catchy things. This makes the people thing the manufacturers of the cat foods are the best in that field and they know everything about the cat and its food habit.

I was also on the same lines of others who thought about the best cat food until very recently. While I was reading few articles that talks about chemicals used in the cat food and the cats sensitivity to chemicals, I confirmed to myself that commercial cat foods are not the best to for the lovely cat.

After all, the commercial cat food producers are just a human being and are running the business for profit and not for charity. Besides they may not be cat lovers or cat owners. For business profits they are bound to cut corners. More the cut more is the profit. More the profit more is the harm for the cat.

The food that we make for cat must be nutritious.  The food should be well balanced. The food should contain sufficient, energy, protein, fat, vitamin and minerals. The food must be tasty and preferred by the pet cat than the commercial food. Above all, the food should be made quickly.  Mostly importantly the cat food prepared at home should be cheap.

Making food for cat at home is not going to be all that easy. One has to experiment trial and error method.  But at the end of day, one is sure to strike right balance. Sooner than latter one can find a food that is well balanced in nutrients, liked by the cat, easy to make and is cheap.

Being a cat lover one will know for sure, the ingredients that can be used. The ingredients are not very different from the one we use for human beings. Just by altering the ratio of one or the other many different recipes can be made. But one should always keep in mind the nutritional requirement of the cat. Yes!!! You can make a best cat food in your home itself. All the best!!!

Cat Food Analysis

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Cats, of yore, were consuming whateveravailable at home. But recently, commercial, high quality, well balanced foods are available in the market. Cat owners prefer to have a food that has good quality protein, carbs, other nutrients and preservatives etc.

As you know, cats is a carnivore basically, meat source in must in the food. If the source of meat is beef, then up to 95 % can be permitted in the food. In case of chicken, only 25 % inclusion is advisable. In case, the constituent of the cat food is meat by products, grains and glutens, then, the food is not considered healthy.

The cats require more protein in the food than carbohydrates. In cat food proteins is added in addition to meat, through meat by products, meat digest, bone meal, meat meal etc. In chicken, we can very well use the feet, intestine, necks etc as source of additional protein. Having said this, the byproducts will never be a match to chicken meat. The carbohydrate rich food will only make the cat put on weight.

Good combination of protein and carbohydrate is required to make the healthy food for the cat. Artificial preservatives are imperative for any cat food. But then in the long run, the preservatives are to trouble the health of the cat for sure. There few preservatives that are very commonly used in cat food. They are ethoxyquin, propyl gallate, BHA and BHT. Vitamin E or C is the best alternative for artificial preservative.

The dry cat foods are much better than the wet cat food. Dry cat foods are cost effective can be stored easily and also make the cleaning of the litter box easy. The food that comes in cane is much like a raw cat food which has less carbohydrate and fillers but has more water to aid hydration.

The experts are of the opinion that wet food is the best when compared to the dry cat food. As an alternative to commercial cat food, we can prepare and give raw food, matching the natural cat food as much as possible. But this is time consuming, expensive and messy affair.

The advantage is the food has natural ingredients and hence healthy. The food is without artificial preservatives hence, less hazardous in the long run. But the care must be taken the balanced food is offered with the right mix of healthy ingrediets.

Few pet owners prefer vegetarian food. It is ok as long as the food has right amount of protein, carb and other nutrients. But the cat’s life span is compromised in vegetarian food. There are different cat foods are available in the market right from commercial food to premium food. Though the premium food is costly, the cat consumes them less thus making the cost effective.

Cat Urine Removal Home Remedy

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The Cat urine removal home remedy is an alternative to the stain removal cleaner bought from the stores. The biggest advantage of using a cat urine removal home remedy is that it will not produce side effects. The resources for the home remedy found in the home allowing you to make the best use of them and there is no need to purchase them. Some of the home remedies that are frequently used include vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, enzymes and Gerbera Daisies plant.


Vinegar is a common home remedy that can remove the cat urine stain. Before applying the vinegar, you have to wipe up the spot with a dry cloth. After that, you should pour the vinegar solution on the carpet. The making of the vinegar solution is easy mixing of one part of vinegar and two parts of tap water. You should allow the water and vinegar solution to remain on the spot for some time. After a while, you can blot it with rag cloth and paper towel. You should keep on wiping the spot for several times until the cat urine stain is completely gone.


Hydrogen peroxide is a simple treatment that you can use to remove the cat urine. You have to pour the hydrogen peroxide into a bowl. The recommended dosage of the hydrogen peroxide is 15 ounces. Mix the hydrogen peroxide with some liquid soap and baking soda and apply to the affected area stained with cat urine.


Enzymes are also a popular cat urine removal home remedy. The enzymes are unavailable in pet stores; the janitorial stores offer enzymes at an affordable price. In enzymes the protein element, that with similar function to urea, break down the elements of the urine so that the stain and odor can be eliminated.


Besides, plants such as Gerbera Daisies also help in removing the cat urine. Gerbera Daisies is naturally absorbent to the ammonia found in cat urine and thus it can remove the cat urine odor.