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You can see a pet cat in most of the houses in western countries especially united states of America. The people just love these creatures as they are very cute, handy, attractive and affordable. The cats are such a lovely pet and for that reason more and more people want to have them as pet. The cats are very friendly with the kids in the house.

The cats are not as ferocious as dogs and the kids just love to play with them as the size of the cat is not at all intimidating. Just like all other living things, the cats too have so many health issues. Scabies is one of them .let us have few information about the scabies and its home remedy here.

Scabies is a skin infection caused by tiny parasite called mite. These mites gain entry in to the skin and reach the place beneath the skin to settle. The presence of these mites results in severe itching and hell a lot of discomfort to the individual. The scabies is very common among most of the mammals and the symptoms are just the same as the human beings. Infected cat will have severe itch all through the day and the itching will be more pronounced at night, just as it shows up in human beings. The cats may be showing different behavioural signs as they could not distinguish and differentiate the discomfort.

The scabies infection in cat is generally termed as mange infestation and this condition will make the cat very uncomfortable if the condition was not treated at the earliest. There are plenty of medications available in the market as far as the scabies treatment is concerned. One should know about the physical condition of the cat before deciding on the type of treatment and kind of medication.

The cat may be allergic to few ingredients that are present in the scabies medications selected by you. Such medication should never be tried in that cat. Most of the medications used for scabies treatment are very strong as they are used to kill these tiny organisms. Hence the animal that gets this medication should also be strong to resist the adverse effects of the medication. There are also home remedies for scabies infection. These home medications help in great deal in alleviating the symptoms of the scabies.

As the scabies is highly infectious, the infected cat should be separated and should never be allowed to mingle with the other pet animals. The people living in the house too should avoid contact with the infected cat as the infection can spread to the human beings as well.

The scabies infection will spread from one host to the other just like that. It is the duty of the pet owner to have the surrounding of the cat very clean which will help in speedy recovery. Permethrin is very commonly used chemical for the treatment of scabies. As there are side effects associated with chemicals, it is better to choose home remedies for the treatment of scabies.


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In general, scabies in cat do not require emergency treatment. As the result, the hospitals will not have equipment and medications to treat scabies on emergency basis. Scabies is not a killer disease and it is common skin pathological condition.

Millions of people and animals are affected by scabies worldwide. Though scabies is not life threatening, the symptoms of rabies bring about hell a lot of discomfort to the affected person. Scabicide such as permethrin and lindane are prescribed by the doctors if there are severe scabies symptoms.

There are many different medications available to treat the scabies symptoms. There is even herbal and holistic approach to treat it. The itching symptoms may persist for a week or two even after the successful treatment, one should be aware of this.

Oral anti histamines are very effective in alleviating pruritus at least partially with the help of antihistamines such as hydroxyzine hydrochloride, diphenhy dramine hydrochloride or cyproheptadine hydrochloride .

Oral or topical steroids give extra comfort if combined along with. The steroids should be used only for short time as the long time usage may lead to crusting or diffuse erytherma.

The secondary infections are dealt with appropriate antibiotics. The persons who are in close contact with the affected cat also need to be treated with medication as a measure of prevention. The other people in the house should also be treated in case the person in the house is infected with.

The dermatologist and the preventive medicine department should be notified if there is an epidemic in the town or village. One has to remember that scabies infestation is not because of poor hygiene. Even the person who is good at maintaining his personal hygiene can also get scabies. There are so many ways to kill the scabies in cat from the home. It is better to go in for a method which is 100 % effective instead of wasting time is treating with inferior quality medicines.

Sarcoptic Mange in Pet Cat

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Sarcoptic mange
is also called as scabies.  The causative agent is sarcoptic scabies. Sarcoptic scabies is microscopic mite that affects both the humans and animals [cats, dogs etc].  These mites gain entry in to the skin of the lovely pet cat and results in various types of skin problems.

The human beings who are living close by to the affected pet cat are likely to get infected. Scabies is more commonly noticed in young cats, but one needs to be informed that all age groups are equally susceptible. For the survival the mite has to be attached with the host.


The affected cats will have very severe pruritis which will not show any response to the symptomatic treatment. You can notice the constant scratching of the cat. At the beginning one will notice, papules [small bumps that are red in color] at the elbow, ankles, abdomen, chest and margins of the ear. Soon there will be generalized lesion. One can notice crusty scores and hair loss in patches.

In general the symptoms are due to allergic response of the body of the cat to the mite. The incubation period is 2 to 3 weeks. Incubation period is nothing but the time taken for the symptoms to develop from the entry of the organisms.

In case the infection is not treated immediately, there can be thickening of the skin, increased pigmentation, draining tracts and ulceration of the skin.  The secondary bacterial infection is very common due to the constant scratching [self trauma].


Clinical sign- the onset and spread pattern that is suggestive of scabies infection. Skin scrapping examination- the scrapping collected at the point of lesion will be subjected to microscopically examination to find out the mite presence. Treatment response- if the response to the scabies treatment is good, then that itself is one good indication that the diagnosis is correct.


The key in treating the scabies mite is the duration of the treatment. The cats must be treated for 3 weeks as the life cycle of the mite is 3 weeks. The other house holds also needs to be treated simultaneously as a preventive measure to avoid re infection.

Anti parasitic lime sulfur dip- the cats must be subjected to anti parasitic lime sulfur dip every week without fail.

Iver mectin is a very effective anti parasitic drug, which can be administered to the affected cat.  The dosage is as per the vet’s advice. This drug needs to be given 3 times at the interval of 2 weeks. But one should wary of using this treatment option as some breeds likely to have adverse reactions to this drug.

Revolution is a product which can be applied topically. This is very effective for flea control and heart worm eradication, and for the sarcoptic mite treatment. Antibiotic treatment is inevitable in case secondary bacterial infection was noticed

Care at home

Regular vacuuming, cleaning, washing etc of the cat house and its surrounding will help to minimize the parasitic infection such as scabies. 

The cats must be washed at least once in a week time. better to use anti parasitic [lime sulfur ] agents at that time for dipping. One has to very careful while using lime sulfur combination as it will damage the porcelain dishes and jewelry. The hair coat may get yellow tinge due to the action of sulfur. One must use gloves while dipping the cat. The other disadvantage is the offensive odor of the sulfur, which resembles rotten egg smell.

The dip has to be performed out doors, not indoors. The cat must be allowed inside the house only after complete drying. This way the furniture and other items are protected from sulfur.

Alopecia in Cats

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Alopecia is nothing but complete or partial hair loss. Cat Alopecia can be noticed in any part of the body. Like the human being, the alopecia is a trouble in cats too. Alopecia can be due to various reasons. One common factor is self trauma caused by scratching or chewing. Hair follicle disease can also be a reason. In addition to giving unpleasant look to the pet cat, Alopecia can cause damage to the other organs systems, hence can never be ignored.


Allergy – the alopecia can be an allergic reaction to the allergens such as molds, pollens, and food allergens. This kind of alopecia can be noticed on feet, ears, face and other parts of the cat.

Flea- the cats that are allergic to fleas can show allergic reactions in the form of alopecia.

Scabies- sarcoptes scabi also known as mange mite can result in itching which in turn results in alopecia.

parasites such as cheyletiella can cause pruritis which can lead to alopecia.

Pyoderma- pyoderma is nothing but infection of skin caused by bacteria. There are so many species of bacteria that cause pustules in cat which results in pyoderma. The pyoderma that affects the hair follicle can lead to alopecia.

Fungi infection-
dermatophyte is a fungus which damages the hair shaft. This can lead to pruritis or non-pruritis alopecia. The fungi that are seen attached with the fallen hair can transmit the infection to other cats.

The best way to treat alopecia is by eliminating the underlying cause. For this diagnosis of the disease is of prime importance. Here are the discussions about few diagnostic tests.

Skin scrapping- the skin is scrapped using blade and the scrapings are examined for the presence of mite or other parasites.

Trichogram- here a skin is examined through microscope to find out whether the skin fell on its own or by plucking.

Fungal culture examination-
this is done to find out the presence of ringworm.

Skin biopsy-
skin biopsy is nothing but a procedure in which a portion of skin is removed for pathological examination to find out the nature of the alopecia, which helps in identifying the cause. 

Home Care

The cats must be free of flea problem.  In case the hair loss is very severe, the pet owner should take care of the cat by providing sweater to the cat to protect it from winter. The casts must be kept in doors in summer as the possibility and severity of sun burn will be more. For flea control it is better to consult the veterinarian at the earliest for effective flea control program.


The best way to treat alopecia is by neutralizing the underlying cause and by offering treatment to cure the symptoms. If Alopecia and Pruritis are noticed together, and then symptomatic treatments such as antipruritis shampoo, antihistamines, corticosteroids or fatty acid supplements are effective. If Pyoderma is noticed with alopecia, then antibiotic treatment is the best.

As discussed earlier pyoderma is secondary to many reasons, hence treating the underlying cause is very essential for complete cure. Matted and dead hair needs to be brushed regularly which will minimize the cat alopecia problem.