Understanding Cat Urinary Tract Infection

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The cat urinary tract infection is very common health problem. The problem here is the symptoms go unnoticed more often than not. Hence one should be aware of the cat urinary tract infection symptoms and the treatment options available in order to protect the health of the cat. The male casts are more prone for urinary tract infection than the female cats. Few are of the opinion that urinary tract infections are more common in neutered cats and that is not at all true. Both neutered and un- neutered cats are equally susceptible.

Early detection of the urinary tract infection is very important in treating the cat before the condition get worse. The cats affected with urinary tract infection may die if not treated properly. One may wonder how to know that the cat is suffering from UTI. As discussed earlier the symptoms are not easy to spot. The pet owner should have complete account of cat’s habits and it’s routine. One can have a doubt that the cat is having UTI, if the cat starts urinating out side the litter box. At times the cat may have blood in the urine which may point out that the cat is suffering from UTI. Strong smell of the urine may be another symptom of UTI.

The cat that is found to be crying while urinating and constantly grooming the genital area can be suspected to have urinary tract infection. The cat drinking more water than usual can also be possible sufferer of UTI. The moment the pet owner has slightest doubt, he or she should rush the cat to the near by vet hospital for further check-up and confirmation of the disease condition. The vet will check the cat thoroughly. The urine sample of the cat will be collected and will be subjected to complete analysis. The UTI is very much curable if attempted early and the good health of the cat can be brought back. The vet will prescribe antibiotics as it is nothing but an infection of microbes. The antibiotics will treat the UTI in most of the cases.

However, special treatment may be required if the infection is too severe. The UTI can be due to more serious underlying problems such as tumour of the kidney or the complete failure of the kidney. If that is the case, special and focussed treatment option should be followed in order to get rid of the underlying cause once for all. The early detection of the urinary tract infection is the responsibility of the cast owner.

There is no worry as this condition is completely curable and the lovely cat can be protected if treated early. All one has to do is just observe the cat very closely. Detect the symptoms as early as possible and rush the cat to the qualified veterinarian for the further check up and confirmation. Once identified, the vet will start the treatment without wasting any time and the pussy cat will come back to normalcy soon


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Urinary tract infection in cat is more serious problem in most cases. This can be considered as a lurking danger under guise of infection. The urinary tract infection spreads faster thus making it a problem to bother and not to ignore.

The cats are very cleaver animal when it comes to hiding the fact that they are in pain. This makes it even more complicated. In most cases the urinary tract infection of the cat was diagnosed very late.

Male cats suffer more than the female cats in case of urinary tract infection. The older male cats are  more prone and the urinary tract infection leads to kidney failure in most cases.

There are few signs to look for to identify the cat that is suffering from urinary tract infection. The first and fore most sign is that the cat will avoid litter box for urinating. Instead the cat will prefer to urinate cooler places such as bath tubs, sink etc. This is because the cat will associate the pain induced because of urinary tract infection with the litter box. The outdoor cats are very difficult to spot because they don’t have the habit of urinating in the litter box.

The cat will strain while urinating and in few cases one can notice mewing or yowling. The urine smell will be much stronger than usual and at advanced stages of infection one can notice blood in the urine. The other sign is excessive licking of the genital in an attempt to reduce the irritation and pain. The licking though is not going to help the cat in any way in case of urinary tract infection.

Untreated urinary tract infection will result in total obstruction of the urinary tract thus leading to the death of the beloved cat. Hence, the moment the urinary tract infection is identified, usage of suitable antibiotic should be initiated. The cat should be encouraged to drink plenty of water.

Instead of feeding the cats with heavy meal, several small meals can be provided. The cat should be provided the food that is low in magnesium. In case of more severe infection the cat will be treated at veterinary hospital as in patient till it recovers completely.  In some cases the block in the urinary tract may be removed by surgery.

How to find your cat is suffering from Urinary Tract Infection?

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Like human beings the cats do suffer from urinary tract infection. In cats the urinary tract infection is referred as silent killers as the cats have high tolerance for this disease condition and show obvious discomfort only at the terminal stages. Hence extraordinary observation is required to spot it early for speedy recovery. As a cat owner you should aware about the UTI of cats.

There are few symptoms to look for. Let’s discuss it out here.

  • The cat will urinate more frequently than usual. The change in urination frequency is an early symptom. But the pet owner must have good understanding and observation to spot the change in urination pattern.
  • The cat will pass the urine with strain. The cat will try to urinate often but end up releasing few drops instead of free flow. The cat is most likely suffering from urinary tract infection (UTI).
  • The urine passed by the cat will smell bad. Besides the urine will look cloudy. If these are noticed then there is a strong case for urinary tract infection possibility.
  • The cat will urinate outside the litter box. At times, kitchen sink can be used for passing the urine. The cat will have pain in case of urinary tract infection.
  • The cat will be grooming the genitals very often. This frequent grooming may be due to the swollen, painful genitals which arise out of urinary tract infection. The cat will be seen crying while grooming which is because of the aggravation of the pain.
  • The cat may pass blood in the urine. This is sure fire symptom of urinary tract infection. Veterinary help should be asked for anon, if blood in the urine is noticed.
  • The cat is lethargic. The abdomen may be swollen. The cat may have fever too. These symptoms indicate the terminal stage of urinary tract infection.

The moment the urinary tract infection is confirmed, one should waste no time and resort to treatment for urinary tract infection. Homeopathic treatment is very effective and prevents recurrence. In addition to this the health of the urinary bladder, urinary tract will improve. The immune system also gets stronger.

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A Guide to Preventing Urinary Tract Crystals in Cats

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The number of Cases of urinary tract infection among cats had made the owners get concerned about this issue and the mathematical figure says it all. Nearly a considerable cat population ,to be exact 1.5% is said to have had caught up a urinary infection which in turn makes the owners restless and they have no other go except for getting their cat checked by a vet.


As there is a possibility for the tract crystals to turn out into stones that get deposited in the bladder, people sense the seriousness of this issue and have created demand for Meds in the market therefore. Stones in bladder are as dangerous to cats as it proves to be in the case of the human race and other living things. The initial stage of the development of the bladder stone will indicate a possible catching up of urinary infection. Until the pet shows some confirmatory and severe symptoms  pet owners are not ready to treat them and hence they usually fail to notice the urinary infection. Currently  in order to heal the infectivity meds have to be provided in the first place.


Over usage of these drugs during times when it is not infected, leads to the immunization ,which may in turn doesn’t help your cat to fight the infection when it really picks up an infection. Owners have to realize that these are medicines for treating bladder stones and not infections. So be wary about the side effects when you give these drugs to the pet ,inadvertently.


It is natural for the Cats, which have picked up an infection to pee often and make your home messy .If things go beyond their control a possible urinary incontinence is in store for them. There will be involuntary defecation of urine and the meds have to be supplied once confirming the fact that they have crystals formed and infecting their bladder. The next main indicator is the leakage of blood in their urine, which means that something is wrong with the well being of your cat. After monitoring such changes rush up to the vet and get all the meds prescribed after asking the vet to diagnose the cat.


Try to prevent a situation which may make your cat to pick up an infection. Give it maximum protection from the bacterium which spreads due to unclean environment and finally settles its base in the bladder of the cat. Subsequently try to improve the immune system of your cat and get a food prescribed by the vet which you can provide your cat to eat. Importantly ascertain that your cat is free from stress and anxiety .If humans are subjected to health issues ,why not the cats? Spend some time with your cat so as to keep it normal and healthy. If needed make use of the cat food Feliway if the vet recommends you to offer it.


Heed to the problems that affect the bowel of your cats as they may sometimes turn out to be some fatal factors which may determine the life span of your pet.