How to stop your cat peeing in the house?

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The cats are very clean animals. These lovely creatures want their litter box also to be clean. Few pet owners do not clean their litter box every now and then. As the result the cat will be reluctant in using the litter box. They will start peeing out side the litter box. We can not blame them. The litter boxes should be kept clean. The boxes should be cleaned thoroughly once in a week at least. This is must to encourage the cat to use their litter box without ant hesitation. There should beclean all ways one litter box extra when compared to the number of cats in the house. If you are having only one cat, you should have two litter boxes. This will help in such a way that the cat will use the fresh clean new litter box in case the old litter box is not cleaned due to some unavoidable reason.

The urine of the cat will be extremely pungent and will have unpleasant odour. This unpleasant odour is due to protein metabolism. There will be combination of phosphates, uric acid, aerates and calcium oxalates. If there is any infection or inflammation in the urinary tract of the cat, then the smell will be much worse. If the urine dries, then there will be formation of the crystals which are very difficult to clear. There are specialized products available in the market to help us get rid of the urine smell problem. These products will have enzymes that will act on the crystals and break down them in to simpler chemicals and remove the stain and smell. The regular house hold cleaners will not be of any use as far as cat urine smell is concerned. The active chemical that is present in the house hold cleaners is ammonia. As the urine of the cat is ammonia based, this house hold cleaners are not effective in removing the stain or odour.  In other words the house hold chemicals will encourage the kittens to urinate in the same place cleaned by the house hold cleaners. The ammonia present in the chemical will remind them of their own urine.

If the litter boxes are clean and the cat is still urinating outside the litter box, then the reason should be investigated. You may think of shouting at the cat. But this will not help in any way. In turn this will only confuse the cat further. In case you your cat peeing at the carpet placed in the bed room, do not yell at him. Just pick him up gently and place him in a room with litter box and close the door completely for some time. The cat is peeing at the carpet instead of using the litter box because something must have prevented the cat from using the litter box. You should find out the stimulation factor instead of shouting and punishing the cat.


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The first and fore most thing is to have the yard fenced, else the cats will have easy access. The fencing should be good and should never have any gaps. The gaps found may permit the cat to crawl through to your yard. The height of the fence also matters. It is advisable to fix a taut wire (6 -7 inches) to prevent the cat FROM jumping in. 

According to many, by far, the best cat repellent is the dog. The dogs will chase away the feline the moment they are noticed. In case you are not in favor of having a pet dog, nothing to worry, there are more passive methods. The felines love to lie and enjoy in fresh soil that was just dugged out. Take care not to have any such space left in your garden. You can very well cover the same with mulch. Cover the seed beds with wire netting or any other means that serves as barrier. 

Let the trunks of the young tree is protected using plastic guards. This will prevent the trunk being used as scratching pole by the cats. In case there is a pond in garden, let the fish be protected with the help of net. It is needless to say the cats love fish. The cats, the moment they are you are to throw a bucket full of water. The water can also be sprayed using the hose. The cats will disappear from there in a minute as they hate water to that extend. Most probably the cat will never come again to your garden. 

There are few other effective cat deterrents such as mothballs, citrus etc. Let the lemon rind or orange peel or mouth balls be placed in the borders. Waste cloths too can be used effectively. They cloths need to be spayed with orange scented air freshener and placed around the plants that you wish to protect from the cats. There are few more cat repellents such as coffee grounds, lavender oil, citronella oil, mustard oil, eucalyptus oil, cayenne pepper etc. 

Few herbs do help to prevent the cat menace. Rue is one such herb. Coleus canina is marketed as the effective cat repellent. A tonic of sort made from chewing birth control pills, urine, tobacco, molasses, mouthwash, detergent and beer, can be used to treat the yard to prevent the cat menace as suggested by broadcaster jerry baker. Use of dried rabbit blood is also suggested by few. 

Besides there are many cat repellents on sale in hardware stores or local garden center. You can also find electric water sprinklers, ultra sonic devices, sprays, granules etc. Motion activated sprinklers are one of the popular device. It works in the same principle as burglar alarm with the help of infra-red detector .The moment cats walks in to the area covered by the infra-red rays; the device sprays water on the animal spot on thus scaring the cat away. With one or two such experience, the affected cat will never ever enter the area again in its life time.

Cat Urine Removal Carpet Tips

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If you’re a kitty lover like me, then you may also suffer a lot like me especially with the cat’s urine smell. Many of us don’t know what to do with cat urine smell, on one hand there is the love for the cat but on the other how can one live in a house that smells of cat urine. Some of the cat owners can notice that their cat urinates in the carpet. It is a Herculean task to get rid of the cat urine odor removal from carpet.

About Cat Urine

The Cat’s urine is organic and it tends to give out a strong smell. Cats like to pee in different places because they want to mark their territory. Urine of the cat is composed of uric acid, urochrome and urea. The uric acid is the element that emits the stink smell. Urochrome is the pigment that gives color to the urine. Urea is the component that makes the urine sticky. Urine of the cat can cause the bacteria to accumulate on the carpet and make the environment unhygienic.

Properties of the Urine of Cat

Urine of the cat can destroy the hardwood floor because the wood can effectively absorb liquid. To clean up the urine, you should use an absorbent cloth to wipe out the urine soaked area such as the cotton cloth that can absorb the liquids well. The paper towels are used if you do not have cotton cloth. If the urine stain does not disappear, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it again.

How to Remove Cat Urine Smell from Carpet?

Most of the owners seek the help of different products available in the market to get rid of urine smell from the carpet. But most of them don’t know about the locally available items that will help to get rid of the bad odor from your carpet soiled with the urine of the cat.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Household cat urine removal carpet cleaners can be applied on the area that is stained with the cat urine. You can spray the hydrogen peroxide cleaner on the stained area to remove the stain. The odor will eliminate after you sprayed the hydrogen peroxide cleaner.


Vinegar will work as an effective cat urine removal cleaner as well. To use vinegar to remove the stain, you have to dilute it with about 30% of water. After that, you must pour in the vinegar mixture into a spray bottle and spay on the stained area. The urine will blot off by itself after a few minutes.

Ready made Carpet Cleaners

Many pet stores sell the cat urine removal carpet cleaners. The urine cleaners are formulated from special ingredients that are designed to eliminate the bacteria and remove the stain. Popular brand name urine cleaners include Nature’s Miracle and Stain Gobber.

Besides, you can use the carpet stain removal cleaner to remove the bacteria and enzymes from the urine of the cat. The carpet stain removal cleaner will make it easier for you to clean up the urine on a heavy-duty carpet.

How To Stop Cat Spraying?

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You will be in real problem once your cat starts to release urine on the door or other objects in your home. This is called spraying. This problem is mostly noticed among the cats kept indoors. Do you know there is perfect solution for this annoying problem? 

Most of the cat owners think that spraying is a behavioral problem. No… This is a natural phenomenon of a cat family. They do so because they mark their territory. Cat urine is highly enriched with phermones. Phermones are being used for communicating between cats. These are much like fingerprints with humans, which help to identify the presence of cat family in an area. 

As we discussed already, spraying urine is marking his territory. If you become angry and getting mad on your cat will not help you to solve this problem. Instead, the cat may spray more urine in more places.

The cats will spray urine when they are in heat (ready for mating). In this time, the spraying is considered as an invite for love. You should also know that the cats not only spray during the heat, but also spray when they feel stress and during encounters with other cats. 

Even though the spraying is a means of communication of cats, the smell of urine is really unbearable. In general most of the house cats will do their majority of their spraying outdoors. But in case of indoors cats, which never have an opportunity to expose outdoor will have this problem. Once you have smelled the urine in your home, this is the high time to take action against this problem. 

How To Stop Cat Spraying? 

The easiest and effective way to stop spraying is neutering or spaying your cat immediately. There is evidence that the male cat neutered stopped spraying the same day they have the surgery. If you want to breed your cat, then this method of controlling spraying is not advisable. 

The other best option is have a talk with your vet because this condition may be due to medical problem also! Your vet will be able to provide you valuable advice to stop spraying. Nowadays there are many modern types of equipment to prevent cat spraying. Browse the net to find recent equipment that helps you to find perfect solution for this problem. In nutshell, you should do something about spraying once you have noticed this condition- simply because the urine of cat not only leave stains all over your home but also stinks.