The cats wake –up in the morning- do you know why?

May 15, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior
Do you know dear pal, that the cats are not nocturnal? They sleep at night but wake up early in the morning, before the alarm clock blares. This is frustrating is it not? Because you have the pet cat near your bed like most pet lovers.

Cats are crepuscular i.e. the cats are very active during the dawn and dusk. This is because the cat’s ancestors were using this time for their prey activity. The descendents find it difficult to adjust as the characters are embedded in the genes. The cats can see clearly even in pitch black night. This helps the cat for their crepuscular activity.

The cats become active sooner or later depending on the sunrise. The crepuscular nature and the internal clock of the cat do the trick. In summer the cats are triggered to be active during dawn.  In winter, in places like Antarctica, the cat will certainly sleep till 12 am.  The sunrise time is the main triggering factor for the cats increased activity at dawn and dusk.

Let us considered a situation like this. The cat becomes active during dawn. Your sleep gets disturbed. You get up and play with your cat or you may feed her. You are encouraging this habit. The cats will do the same next day also. You may also pretend to be asleep. You may shout at the cat for disturbing your sleep. These things usually don’t bring desired result.

By the by, you are perturbed by cat’s early morning wake-up, is it so. Here are few suggestions to prevent the same. The cat owner must understand the cat and the reason for this natural behavior. One must have patience as changing this behavior of the cat takes time. Don’t have the night lamp on. Have thick dark curtains in the cat’s sleeping area, so that the place will be dark at dawn.

Try to resist yourself in meeting the cat’s dawn time demand. Alter the feeding schedule in such a way, that the cats don’t get hungry at dawn. Let the cat be physically active whole day as much as possible. Use the toys; engage in playing, do some thing to make her occupied most of the day time.

Let the cat bed fed as late as possible i.e.  Very close top bed time. The cat will sleep well as the blood supply to the stomach will be more thus reducing the supply to the brain, inducing sleep. Try to have another cat for her company. She will get bored in playing with you for long time. Melatonin is a hormone that resets the cat’s internal clock. Give this hormone at night to make the cat sleep whole night comfortably. But the consultation with the veterinarian is must before using this hormone.

One must thoroughly understand the inherent habit of the cat. The habit here we means is its intense activity at dawn and dusk. Don’t get in to the trap by feeding the cat at that time. For example if your cat gets up at 5.30 am and you feed her at that time, then the cat will get up at 5 am, the next morning. If you feed her at 5 am, the next day she will wake you up by 4.30 am. It goes on like this. Soon you will realize that you are feeding the cat at wee hours. Hence please try to resist the cat’s early morning demands as much as possible.