Cat Fleas Can be Annoying for Humans Too…

December 18, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Health

Are cats fleas a problem in your house?  Have you had a problem with cats fleas?  How did you first discover the problem?  Are you still battling the fleas, or are they under control?  Does even reading this make you itch?


Cats fleas can be difficult to detect.  They’re not very big.  Keep an eye on your cat.  Is he or she scratching more than normal?  This can be tough to judge, especially if you are not the one who is around the cat very much.  I am not the cat’s favorite person in my house, so I am often left relying on the observations and judgments of our cat experts-my eight year old son and five year old daughter.


Aside from a scratching cat, what are some other symptoms of cats fleas?  The second major indicator, and the one that tipped us off to a problem in our house, was insect bites around the ankles of both of our kids. 


Our kids love our cat, and they play with him all the time.  They also end up causing some very strange problems with our cat, Roary, usually by feeding him the wrong things, or overfeeding him, or conducting some other scientific experiment on him.  Sure they love Roary, and Roary loves them, but they have caused Roary some heartache and health problems.  Maybe cats fleas were Roary’s way of evening the score?


We never had a problem with dogs fleas.  I suppose I should stop here and offer a prayer of thanksgiving for that.  We have a friend who works at an animal shelter.  She is remarkable when it comes to diagnosing what ails our four-legged friends.  She has been able to figure out, every single time, what our problem was.  Usually, as mentioned above, it’s caused by our kids.  However, I don’t think our kids gave Roary cats fleas. 


Our friend from the animal shelter, Sara, came over, and immediately checked the litter box.  This is the first step in every diagnosis she does.  She talks with us about changes in eating habits, and in play habits.  She knows we have young kids, and that the kids are often the source of Roary’s troubles.  Not intentionally, mind you, but sources of trouble nonetheless.  Even though we strongly suspected cats fleas, our friend was committed to a thorough diagnosis. 


She brought over some big sheets of white paper, and a very fine toothed comb.  The idea was to carefully comb Roary over the paper and see what came out.  Sara explained that regular grooming usually didn’t expose the presence of cats fleas.  However, careful combing over the paper would reveal the presence of flea dirt, or the excrement the fleas left behind. 


This cats fleas excrement is usually, according to Sarah, undigested cat blood.  Still with me?  Cats should come with a warning label, telling potential owners all of the disgusting, litter box examining things that can happen.  Instead, it’s all fluff and cuteness.  Before you know it  the family is hooked, and there’s no turning back.  Cats fleas can be fixed, once diagnosed.  We’ll do everything we can to preserve the family pet!