How to control worms in your cat naturally?

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Intestinal worms are common in all creatures which includes human. These worms feed on the nutrients that are for the host and deprive the host from those vital nutrients there by disturbing the health of the host. These intestinal worms should be kept under control else they play havoc. As long as these parasites are kept at minimal number, there is no issue. Once the numbers increase then the disease symptoms are bound to appear.

Strangely some animals will appear normal with heavy load of worms while many other will show their discomfort soon. The symptoms of worm infestation vary from one animal to the other. The most common symptoms are impaired assimilation of nutrients, disturbance of digestive systems, vomiting, frequent eating of grass, rubbing the anus to the ground, decreased appetite, increased appetite, immune dysfunction, heart problems, respiratory problems, etc.

There are so many medications available for treating the worm infestation. But most of these commercial preparations are very harsh and hence if used for long time, they are harmful to the body parts. These commercial preparations can damage the lining of the digestive system and can lead to toxicity. The young puppies and kittens that are under 6 month of age should never be treated with these harsh commercial medications for deworming.

Adopting preventive measures for warms is the best alternative. These parasites feed on the waste products that are left behind in the intestine. If the digestive system is kept clean then there will not be anything for these parasites to feed on. The animals that are provided with processed food are likely to have more worm burden than those animals that are fed with raw, fresh foods. The reason is very simple the animals that are fed with natural foods are healthier than those are fed with canned foods. The processed food and the canned foods build up more toxins in the system there by paving way for the multiplication of the worms by feeding on those waste toxin materials.

It is better to go in for natural dewormer than the commercial dewormer. The natural products used for deworming do not pose any adverse health issues to the host. Full moon time is the best time form deworming the cats. During this period the cat will be very active thus the efficacy of the medication is much improved.

Heart worms are very dangerous and can kill the cat instantly once their number increases by choking the heart. The parasites are transmitted to the cats mostly by mosquitoes. Heart worm infestation can be seen in cats that are only 2 months old. If the worms mature in the heart, they can affect the function of the heart thereby killing the cat. The cats infested with heart worm may show the following symptoms. They are vomiting, lethargy, impaired blood flow to the organs, loss of appetite, weight loss, digestive disorders, low vitality etc. the heart worm can be diagnosed by blood test . It is better to go in for professional heal to counter worm infestation by natural way.

Effective Heartworm Medication For Cat

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Heartworm medication is in general referred as HWP by most of the veterinarians in the abbreviated form. The same can also be termed as heartworm prevention. The consultation with the experienced vet is the best way to counter heartworm infection.

Heartworm infection of your lovely pet cat depends on lifestyle of the pet as well as the region in which they are domesticated. The above mentioned factors and the general health and immune level of the cat will be considered by the vet in prescribing the product selection to counter and treat the infection

There are many safe and best medications are available in plenty in the vet medication market. The selection of medicine is of course the sole discretion of the vet. There are certain features that need to be considered while prescribing the heartworm medication of the cat.

The vet will consider the following points before prescribing the same:

Whether the medication is approved by the BVM or not?  The size of the dog, the dosage of the medicine, the effects and the side effects of the medicine, the presentation of the drug, the ingredients, the price of the medicine, the guarantee and the administration route and the duration of the drug.

In principle, the medicine selected by the vet should be effective, easy to administer, less frequent administration and should have less side effects.

Most of all, the medicine must cost effective. The dosage will be of course decided by the vet depending on the size, more appropriately the weight of the pet.  Using the drug that performs more that one function, such as preventing the worms as well as removing the root cause of the problem by killing the fleas from which the worms originate.

Likewise some pet owner may prefer pills instead of topical applications and vice versa. The owner has the liberty to express his liking in selecting the route of drug administration.  

The pet owners do need to buy the medication recommended by the vet. In case of non-availablity, the vet needs to be consulted for alternate medicine instead of making his own choice or leaving it to the drug shop employee’s whims and fancies. The dosage and the duration should be in line with the vet’s advice without any deviation.