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Bombay Cat

Bombay is one of the marvelous cat species preferred by many cat lovers and it becomes funny to know how the name originated for this cat species. The reason for the name of Bombay cat species is that this particular species of cat resembles the Black Panther found in India. Of course, this is one of the reasons for ascribing the name of mini panther for this cat species.

This attractive Bombay cat has compact body with black color and eyes are comparatively large sized ones and perhaps, the golden color of eye in this cat species is one of the reasons admired by cat breeders or cat loving people and in any cat club meetings, most may tell about this mild yellow color of the eyes in this breed.

Bombay cat, in general is observed to be more intelligent in approaches and appear placid and love human contact frequently. Even many cat owners who rear and develop the bloodlines of this breed often express that this cat species is unusually friendlier to the owners and of course, more research is going on with this breed on all the features of this breed.

The cat breeders take all sincere efforts to develop and maintain pure bloodlines of Bombay cat species and most of the times, they are equipped with addresses of such persons who own and associate with rearing of this Bombay cat.

Whenever this Bombay cat becomes sick, immediately the nearby veterinarian of the cat hospital should be consulted. There are many similarities between this species of cat and Burmese cat species and color however differs between these two species.

It is to be taken into account that even in modern days, there are certain people who resort to other breeds for breeding of this Bombay cat species and many cat breeders do however not recommend such measures. Such indiscriminate crossing will have their own effects on the genetic structures of this breed and the resulting progeny may not reveal the typical features of the Bombay cat species. There are specific guidelines to be followed in breeding of this cat species.

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