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Cat Breeding

The cat owner or the breeder needs to know the fundamental features of breeding in cats, like signs of heat, pregnancy period, parturition etc.

Signs of heat in queen cats

The cats become quite vocal and loud. Many a times, the cats show increased affection to the owners. The female cats may often roll on the floor right in front of you, during the your walking.
The cats may be constantly willing to be with you and prefer the stroking from you. Kneading with their front paws with raised back is a common feature you can find in your cat when you touch your cat at it’s back.

Heat period in cats
In each cat, the heat period may last for five to fourteen days. If the cat is mated, the signs of heat may vanish within twenty-four hours.
Cats are always polyestrus and this means that the cats can have many heat periods in breeding season. Every two to three weeks, the cat will have signs of heat if it is not mated or if it does not become pregnant.

Time of breeding of female cat
Every cat owner wants to know the time of breeding of his or her female cats. You can breed your cat after it attained one year of age or after it experienced two heat periods as minimum.

Breeding and cystic ovaries
As a cat owner, you need to know on the cystic ovaries in cats. If your cat reveals the intense signs of heat during the heat cycle or estrus cycle, general rule is that you have to breed the cat.

But instead of the intense signs of heat, if you don’t breed the dog for a successive three or four times, then such cats are likely to develop the aberration in the ovarian structures and often cystic ovaries occur in these cats.

Hence, till the cystic ovaries are treated, the animal may become infertile often. Hence, you need to approach the veterinarian for the treatment, in such cases.

Time of identification of pregnancy
Mostly the cat owners can identify the pregnancy by seeing the change in color of nipples, which may turn pink in two to three weeks of pregnancy.

Later on, the size of the abdomen may get enlarged, in a gradual manner. However one needs to know on false pregnancy also and these cases have signs of pregnancy, over an extended period.

Parturition after the successful breeding
The pregnancy period in cats is generally about fifty-eight to sixty three days. In the last week of the parturition, the behavior of the queen cat will get changed. The cat may be seen seeking a separate place or a place away from any disturbance.

This kittening related behavior is more common in many cats. Large kittens are born in breeds like Siamese, Oriental and Burmese.

Generally four kittens are born in a litter and may vary. Interval between the kittens may be ranging from ten minutes to half an hour. Some times, varies up to an hour. Hope now you have understood some thing on cat breeding.