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Burmese Cat

Burmese cat species is one of the unique cat species that has elegant and gracious look. These cat species are famous for their boldness and courage in approach. However, many cat breeders reveal that this breed has attractive golden eyes and the body of Burmese cat is more compact and the coat has glossy rich appearance. This cat species has somewhat lighter ventral regions which means the under parts of the cat body, where as the rest of the body regions are slightly darker when compared to this.

The Burmese cats have been quoted to have landed directly from Rangoon to United States of America in the nineteenth century, as quoted by some historians. Few opined that this cat species was originally brought from India only in same nineteenth century and like this, the history relates to other concepts also.

However, the Burmese cat is being considered as sacred cat species among other cat species in South East Asia.

It is to be understood that equal to success rate, failures also may occur during the intense breeding of these cats due to the genetic mutations. Hence, in some countries, some restrictions are laid to avoid unnecessary crossing of this Burmese cat species with other species.

In the course of time, many Burmese cat clubs are started by persons who want to develop the appreciable bloodlines of this progeny and finally have succeeded also in their mission of producing Burmese cat species with its typical morphological features.

Burmese cat species have uniquely short hairs and the look of this cat species is viewed as an attractive one by many cat owners, particularly the children and cat breeders.

Burmese cat species has a striking muscular coat, which is being considered as one of the characteristic of this species, and the bonding with owner is strong in this type of cat species.

The hair of Burmese cat is short and hence, the health care measures may be less with coat maintenance unlike the case with longhaired cat species like Persian cat species. The litter size is small in these Burmese cats.

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