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Cats lose almost as much fluid in the saliva while grooming themselves as they do through urination.

Cat Health Info- Cat and Child - a Perfect Companion?

Cat and child – a Perfect Companion?

Most of the time, both the cat and child become happy of each other’s companionship. Before you get a cat, the merits of combination of cats and children in the house needs to be looked into. The children may be observed to possess natural liking on cats. Once the child gets accustomed to some species of cats, and then with love and affection, the binding occurs.

Guests to the house first tend to comment that the cats may bite the toddler but on closer observation, soon they get their concepts changed and finally tell the parents in the house that they are able to perceive some kind of love based binding between the cat and child.
No doubt that just seeing such a lot of cats and children in a happy manner creates same kind of happiness to onlookers, especially geriatric patients.

Cat owners may try to obtain additional information on risks associated with cats and children moving together from various cat clubs and associations.

Analysis of seeing cat and child together in cat shows reveal the fact that carrying a cat species by him/her is being considered as a matter of prestige for them among their friends and they try to take pride in such occasions.

Now a days cats and children may be seen frequently in shopping complexes as if both have come to make shopping and infact, when contacted, it was revealed that such trips creates pleasure to them.

The children should be aware of the safety-based instructions with regard to some infectious and non-infectious diseases in cats. Cat allergy and child are inseparable. Hence necessary caution should be taken to avoid contact between the skin allergic cat and a child.

In case of revealing of frequent biting incidences, the child of the house or neighbor may be suggested to avoid going near the cat and the cat may be affected by virus infection like rabies and this may not be known to the children.

Safety measures on both cat and child need to be enlightened as guidelines. It becomes the duty of the cat owners need to advise their children about cat allergy. Measures like wearing of gloves during cleaning of cats or catteries may also be stressed.

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