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Healthy fast-food for cat


We are what we eat ďis the old saying we all know. This holds good for all creatures which includes cat. Our great companions too suffer from acute and chronic health complications originating from the food they eat. It is not possible to live on take away food for entire life. If that is the case, just think of the plight of few animals that are totally on processed food all through their life.

Health specialists all agree that the human beings and the animals should be provided fresh foods as much as possible in order to remain healthy. The pet owners go in for processed food as they find it convenient and time saving. But the pet owner should remember they harm the health of the pets in the long run

The kids should be given breast feed for the better health though the baby formula is convenient for the mothers. Likewise the pets should be given raw meat instead of canned or processed food. The animals suffer like human beings if fed with wrong food. The animals too have nausea, head ache, tummy upsets etc but the creatures could not express their discomfort and suffer in silence. The owner should have very good understanding of the animal only then he or she can understand the plight of the pet animal. The cat may have broken leg, yet it will run around to fetch the ball thrown by the owner in order to amuse him. Such a good animal should never be treated carelessly by providing food that is not good for them.

Start feeding the cats with healthier diet; you can see a great change in the attitude of the animal. They will be healthier, active and playful. Placing to biscuits or emptying a can in to the catís food bowl is very easy and is not time consuming at all. But preparing a healthy food is time consuming. Most of the pet owners go in for canned foods or the so called fast foods for want of time. We need to agree their claim that they do not have sufficient time to prepare special meals for the pets.

If the pet owner has interest in catís health and has the ability to organise the few things in advance then this issue of time can be sorted out. It hardly takes couple of minutes to prepare healthy food for the cat. The time factor is related to the number of cats one have at home and the availability of freezer space.

The healthy food for cat generally means availability of fresh meat, bones and vegetable. The cats can be given small amount of whole grain also. Vitamins and mineral should be added to this to make it a complete meal. Any cut off vegetables can be kept in the fridge for using it in the cat food. Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato etc can be used. Fruits such as apples, pears, orange can also be used. If there is only one cat, then one can prepare a meal for a week and can store the same in freezer. One should make such a simple effort to take care the health of the lovely pet cats.

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