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Get To Know About Halitosis In Cats For Better Cat Health Care

Halitosis is the medical term for the condition called bad breath. As the name suggest the bad smell or the odor emanating from the month of the cat is termed as bad breath condition. This smell in general due to the bad hygiene but one can't rule out the influence of certain disease condition.

Products are plenty to deal with this unwanted bad breath condition of the feline. Tooth brushes and pastes help. Cat's breath drops do minimize the ill effects of bad breath. The tartars of the canine teeth can also be reason, which can be treated effectively using cat treats.

Reasons For Cat Bad Breath

It is imperative to first find out the real cause of the bad breath. There are many disease condition that lead to bad breath. Inflammation of the gum, called, as gingivitis is one such condition. Tooth abscess, hair or any other material that gets struck in the tooth, oral ulcer, foreign objects such as grass or plant material, mouth tumors both benign or malignant, lung cancer and many other diseases of lung, and even some kidney diseases can be the cause for bad breath.


We can watch for certain symptoms to understand the cause and effects of bad breath. Those are such as pain of the mouth, discharge from mouth, bloody discharge from the mouth, depression, swallowing difficulty, drooling, etc


For any disease condition the diagnosis is the key. The underlying cause needs to be ascertained for treatment and prevention of any disease, which holds good for bad breath too. Few tests and examination is imperative. They are such as complete mouth x-rays, thorough medical examination which includes physical examination of the animal as well as medical history, periodontal probing which is nothing but test performed to find out tooth or gum interference that helps in identifying periodontal or gum diseases and thorough examination of the oral cavity which may require anesthesia.


As we discussed already at length, the knowledge of the underlying cause helps for effective and quick teartment. The treatment differs with the cause of the bad breath In case the bad breath is due foreign object; removal of the same is required. If the tumor of the mouth is the cause, the tumor needs to be treated. Cleaning and scraping of the teeth portion that is below the gum level clears the problem at times.

Prevention Of Cat Bad Breath

Everyone is aware prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips for preventing the bad breath. Daily brushing of your cat's teeth will help you to get rid of halitosis. For performing daily brushing there are special toothbrushes, finger brushes in market. Mouth sprays such as chlorhexidine can be used once in a day for a week or ten days. Some special diets do prevent the bad breath. For all this, wise decision is to take the advice of the experienced vet.

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