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Cat Health Care

Maintaining your cat’s health is one of the essential step to be given utmost priority if you want to maintain cats in an appreciable manner and no doubt that good mannered cats may be reared with regard to the maintaining your cats health.

The cat owner is first to be aware of the information pertaining to the various kinds of illnesses that are common in cats and one can not be able to acquire these in a day and for this, there may be need of closer interactions with cat groups or members of cat clubs who may provide useful information pertinent to the topic of maintaining your cats health.

Maintaining your cats health, of course needs a thorough understanding on the normal habits of the cat species. Then only, the owner or the breeder can be able to differentiate the different kinds of illnesses. The cattery needs to be designed in such a way that stress factors are minimized to the cats reared.

The cats should be checked for any type of injuries and especially, the bleeding type of injuries need to be looked into and measures to control the bleeding have to be taken in an intensified manner.

The coat of the animal has to be taken additional care and identify and remove external parasites and consult veterinarian for the control of the parasitic infections in he cats reared.

In addition to the vaccinations, maintaining your cats health involves regular deworming of the cats and however, the cat stool samples need to be frequently checked for the presence of parasites especially for evidences of hook worms and round worms.

Feline Immunodeficiency syndrome, Feline infectious anemia, feline leukemia, feline panleukopenia etc. may be given from points of vaccination. Similarly, blood has to be checked up for ruling out of anemic status in cats because in many occasions, cat may look apparently healthy but is actually anemic.

Similarly, by maintaining your cats’ health, it becomes possible during the adaptation of routine husbandry practices in a cattery to take suitable measures for the complete avoidance of diseases that spread from cats to man like toxoplasmosis.

Among very common diseases of domestic cats is CFR and is a very serious concern of cat health . Some cats get allergic to certain cat food too. Taking Proper care of your pet cats does pay off. A domesticated, well bred funny cat is the warmest joy you can have around in your home.

Don’t allow anybody to handle the sick cats and if cats are in dehydrated state, one should provide due medical relief in such occasions. Many times the cat may bear injuries and more care is to be taken in applying the suitable antiseptic solutions on the lesions noticed. Guidelines are some times given by few cat club members with regard to the maintaining your cat’s health.

If during the maintaining your cat’s health, non reversible pathogenesis sets in, euthanasia may be considered but this is a pain causing action on part of veterinarian and cat owner.

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  • For a healthy cat feed your cat a well balanced diet.
  • Keep your cats digestive tract healthy by de-worming on a regular basis.
  • Have a veterinarian give your cat a thorough check up at least once a year.

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