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Illness In Cats

Illness is to be taken care of vigorously, if you are serious in maintaining your cat’s health. Cat owners need to understand that cat may become ill like us if the environment becomes unfavorable to them and hence, one has to understand what are the normal habits of a healthy cat. For example, grooming is one of the activities significantly witnessed in cat species but excessive grooming may be a sign of illness in the cat. Hence, interactions with other cat owners, cat club members, personal observation on their own cats etc. are the basic factors associated with learning on illness in cats.

Cat is a delicate creature revealing sign in form of different kind of activity during illness and if the problem is related with some pain causing lesion in the body, then expression of pain occurs in the form of anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea or spending less time with owners or frequent mewing in the room as if highly vocal in such occasions.

Illness due to vitamin A deficiency may end up in revealing signs like stiffness during walking and pain is elicited during movements.

Illness due to the thermo regulatory derangements need to be given additional emphasis always because of life threatening factors associated with these. The corrective measures need to be carried out in such occasions.

If there is illness causing excessive salivation and fits, the cat should be held firmly using a towel and to be taken to the cat owner if found on road and this will help to reassure confidence in cats and head needs to be lowered to avoid aspiration pneumonia.

In case of illness due to lesions in mouth, one should avoid offering of bone mixed diet to the cats in such occasions to avoid aggravation of lesions and supplement with B complex vitamins especially thiamine. Illness should be suspected if the abdomen of the cat is found enlarged more and suspect for incidences of feline infectious peritonitis, hepatitis, nephritis, anemia etc. Illness pertaining to the passage of less urine or difficult urination may be taken as a sign of acute nephritis in the cat.

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