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Understanding Cat Natural Prey

The natural prey for the cat is nothing but rat and also other animals that belong to rodent category. The cockroaches are the other natural prey for the cats.

The cats though not feed on, can effectively encounter the small reptiles such as chameleons. In case the natural prey is not available, when the cat is hungry it may feed on unnatural prey and food. Hence the nutrition of the cat must be given due concentration and attention by the cat owners.

In addition to those natural preys discussed, the cats can also feed on squirrels, crows etc. The cat though they may appear as if they are dull when approached by the squirrels and crows, it can quickly bounces on them much to the surprise of those preys.

The small bandicoots are also preferred by the cat to feed on. Owing to their big size, the catching of these bandicoots is easy for the cat.

Now days there are many who like to have these cats as pets in their house and keep them well nourished. But the hundred percent control of the cat food is not possible as the cats may get out of the house in search of the natural prey instigated by the natural instinct. At times the natural prey does come in way of the cats asking for trouble.

Happy Pet!!! Happy Home!!!

The cats also feed on pigeons if they get an opportunity as pigeon is also cat’s natural prey. Getting pigeons for food is not an easy task for the cat but at times it may be possible.

In case the injured or diseased pigeon happens to fall in the house premises where the cat is kept as the pet, then the cat gets the chance to feed on pigeons. One cannot rule out the possibility, isn’t?

Besides the cats also get the opportunity to feed on chicks of the birds which may fall from the tree in the garden. Feeding on this natural prey is permitted but the only risk factor here is the possibility of disease spread from the prey to the cat.

The fish are the other natural prey to the cats. The cats just love the fishes more than anything one can generally observe. The cats also feed on the eggs of tortoise, crabs etc.

In addition to the risk of disease spread there can be nutritional imbalance or deficiency if the cats are allowed feed only on natural prey. There is a practice that is in existence in which the powdered calcium is sprayed on the natural prey and then the cats are allowed to feed on them. This practice is to minimize the nutrition related problems.

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