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Cat Health- Pregnant Signs

The likelihood of your queen cat towards pregnancy is very strong if your cat in the heat has access to a Tomcat. You can simply notice the pregnant signs in your queen both physical and personality changes. You can easily remember the cat gestation period with human gestation period as the former will go up to nine weeks and the later up to nine months.

Pregnant cat physical changes

Abdominal enlargement
Your pregnant cat’s abdomen will start to swell noticeably around the fifth week of pregnancy, and it will continue to enlarge up to the time of birth.

Frequent vomiting
There are few case studies that some of the queen cats showed possible vomiting signs, much as human mothers-to-be. If your queen exhibits the vomiting signs frequently, simple call your veterinarian office will ease the situation.

Increased Appetite
Your pregnant cat exhibits signs of increased appetite during the period of gestation, as it consumes more food not for its health but also for its fetus’s well-being.

Pinking of nipples
The most significant cat health pregnant signs include swollen nipple with rose to pink discoloration.

Cessation of heat cycle
The sudden stoppage of heat cycle of your female cat will be the first and foremost sign you may notice.

Pregnant Cat-Personality Changes
The cat health pregnant signs can also be noticeable with the change in the personality of the female cat. You could notice the nesting behavior during the terminal stages of pregnancy and also increased affection through out the stages of pregnancy. It will try all ways and means to attract your attention towards her.

Confirmative Diagnosis of Pregnancy
If your cat receives regular veterinary care, there is no need to panic about the cat health pregnancy signs, unless you have cause to alarm something is wrong.

Usually a vet can easily palpate the gravid abdomen around the 17th-20th day of pregnancy. Gentle pressing is necessary to identify the fetuses. In addition to this, you can subject your queen cat for ultrasonography. You can simply diagnose the presence of fetus through this diagnostic tool at the earliest possible time say, second week of pregnancy. The fetal heartbeat can be noticed after the third week through this technique. Happy Kittens!!!

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