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why your cat is sneezing incessantly?

Cat sneezing

Cat sneezing is not to be neglected if it occurs frequently. Yeah. This is true. If cat sneezing is noticed once or twice, you need not bother much. But it is not the case with chronic cases.

You have to find out the actual cause for this sneezing activity.

You have to note that the flat faced cat species like Persian cats may be more prone to the sneezing.

This is due to the anatomical arrangement of structures in the nasal tract.

If you are using strong cologne, some cats start sneezing. Though the sneezing is mainly related to the exhibition of protective reflex in cats, it is to be remembered that often it is the upper respiratory organ infection that leads to sneezing.

Causes For Cat Sneezing

Some times, the contagious diseases like Parainfluenza viral infection may lead to this type of clinical problem. However in most of these cases, the facial glands may appear swollen in addition the swelling in the eyelids.

Smokes emanating from the nearby industries may also cause these disorders in these lovable cats.

Any obstruction in the nasal passage of cats may become the most significant etiological factors in causing the vigorous sneezing like activity.

Cat sneezing is to be attended immediately if there is any swelling accompanying in the facial regions. Similarly, you need to approach the veterinarian if you find any pus like material from the nasal passage when your loving cat sneezes.


Most probably, you might have to take radiograph of the chest region in those occasions. Constant sneezing actions in the cats may often result from the presence of any tumors in the upper respiratory tract.

Most of the times, the application of rhinoscopy may help to rule out these conditions in a concrete manner. It is better to administer some broad-spectrum antibiotics if your cat has such problem in your house. However, rule out the allergic causes if possible and however, cats may not suffer to a greater extent by allergic causes when compared to human being.

Many times, some bacterial infections in the respiratory tract may lead to this problem and similarly, the tooth abscess that is of long standing one may cause this very seriously.

So cat sneezing that too with occurrence of blood drops has to be viewed significantly and you have to consult a veterinarian for the suitable remedy.

Kitty colds is the another name for the upper respiratory infections in cats and such cats may reveal the continuous bouts of sneezing. Cat sneezing always attract the nearby persons and the owners of the cats often get more embarrassed if there is cat sneezing.

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