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Cat Toilet Training- Have You ever tried?

There as been a long and heated debate on whether or not to toilet training your cat. Both sides have fielded arguments for and againts it. But as cleaning litter boxes become more and more of a chore, an increasing number of cat-owners have decided to look into cat toilet training, hoping to forever be freed from tedious raking of stinky sands. If you're one of them, you've come to the right place to look into Cat Toilet Training.

Cat Toilet Training
Now, many authors have written books on the subject (WHOLE BOOKS ON HOW TO TEACH A CAT TO POOP IN A BOWL!). We'll ignore all that for the moment and focus on a series of steps that are simple, applicable, and would show results in less than one month.

This method works by gradually allowing your cat to shift from litter boxes to toilet bowls. Remember, however, that the personality and disposition of each individual cat means that the process may take longer or shorter than is expected.

The amount of time you're willing to invest in doin it also determines how well the cat adjusts to the new scenario.

The Method

Before we begin the cat toilet training, you will need to gather a few items essential to the task : The litter box your cat is presently using, a stool of about the same height as your toilet bowl and a bowl that would fit into the toilet.

First, move the litter box into the washroom, placing it right next to the toilet. Your cat should be allowed a few days to adjust to the boxes new location.

Next, we need to train the cat to jump to the height of the toilet seat. We do this by placing the litter box on the stool, place adjacent to the toilet bowl.

Make sure to leave the lid down for the first few days so that your cat may walk on top of it. After that, you may lift it up. Your cat would need to get used to manouvering around the toilet seat.

After your cat is comfortable with the toilet bowl, you may replace the litter box with a litter-filled bowl, placed directly inside the toilet. This will take some time for the cat to get used to. Make sure your cat is comfortable placing his or her paws on the toilet seat instead of inside the bowl. We wouldn't want somebody to take a swim now do we?

Finally, you may remove the bowl completely. As long as there aren't any other litter boxes in your house, your cat should stick to the toilet bowl as the preferred location to do his or her business. Now if only we can train them to flush... That's all- You've completed- cat toilet training.

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