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Home Remedy for Cat Urine Removal

Most of the cat owners may break their head- how to get rid of cat urine smell? There is no proven medication to cure this condition in your home. But home remedy for cat urine smell removal is available even from good olden days. Home remedy for cat urine removal includes various substances and chemicals.

Why cat urine smells?

Urine is organic in nature. Cats are peeing in so many places in order to mark their territory. The three major components of cat urine are uric acid, the stinky part, Urochrome, a pigment that gives characteristic color and Urea, the sticky stuff.

The major components causing foul odors are the growth of bacteria in the carpeting/padding, along with the urea crystallization. This is unhealthy to live with.

What is Home remedy?

Home remedy is the treatment of a condition with the available resources in the home or over-the-counter shops. The main advantage of home remedy is there is no side effects and minimal cost.

Before choosing an appropriate cat urine removal home remedy, check your cat for urinary tract infection. It is very possible that it would be a root cause for inappropriate cat urination. If thatís the problem, get cured up could be the answer. Itís real try!

Cat Urine Smell Remedies

The home remedy for cat urine removal includes white vinegar, baking soda, bleaching or cholorox the area (Just make sure your cat doesn't lick it), enzymes, and some plants.


Vinegar is considered to be a best home remedy for cat urine problem. Initially the urine spot should be blotted up, then strong vinegar and water solution is prepared as a best home remedy for cat urine removal. Apply the vinegar and water solution on the urine spot and let it sit and starts to work. Again blot up the area with rag or paper towel.

Vinegar wonít harm the carpet than the cat urine. Replacing a new carpet is a costly effort than scrubbing and cleaning the carpet and covering the spot with towels to absorb moisture. Donít allow the cat near the spot.

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Baking Soda

Baking soda is also being used to remove cat urine odor. Placing a small heap of baking soda in a corner of an expected room is found to be a perfect home remedy for cat urine odor removal. Even you can add a one pound box of baking soda to your regular detergent while machine washing the soiled carpet.


Another home remedy found useful in removing cat urine from a carpet is ENZYMES. You get enzymes from local janitorial supply, not in regular pet stores. The enzymes break down the urinal proteins stayed back in the carpet. In other words, this is worth the price you pay for it.


Gerbera Daisies and Spider Plant are the plant species helping to remove the cat urine. As cat urine is rich in Ammonia, the smell is absorbed by these plants to facilitate quick cat urine removal.

Other Products

Some of the vets recommend Nature's Miracle. It can be found at a pet store. It has a white bottle, red lettering. It's safe for use with kids and pets around and can even be used in laundry.

Donít worry!!! Even if your cats are still missing the cat box, your house will smell wonderful with this home remedy for cat urine removal from carpet.

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