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Cat Vaccination: Secrets Explored

So you want to enjoy your cat’s companionship for ever. Then cat vaccination is very important task to be carried out as a responsible pet owner. Most of the vaccines are protecting your cat from common felid diseases.

Role Of Maternal Antibodies

Maternal antibodies (the natural immunity acquired from its mother) will circulate inside the body of your kitten until it reaches 6-8 weeks. Hence the first shot of vaccine to be given at this age only. Moreover, this is the weaning age of a kitten. Once your cat is weaned it requires antibodies of his own.

Your First Vet Visit Starts…

Immediately fix an appointment with your felid vet in your area to do preliminary examination of your newly weaned kitten. Your vet will conduct different tests varied from simple fecal examination to complex blood examination to rule out stomach/intestinal worms, feline leukemia and feline peritonitis.

The tests are quick and your vet will get results within no time in his table. Once the results are negative for these diseases, your vet will suggest you to subject your cat for the first shot of Feline leukemia and FIP vaccines. Your cat doesn’t need this vaccine, if he/she never left your home for the past 6-8 weeks.

FVRCPC Vaccine

Your kitten should receive the first shot of FVRCPC vaccine irrespective of its movement. This vaccine protects your cat against—rhinotracheatis, calcivirus, Panleukopenia, and Chlamydia.

The Second Visit

You should again visit your vet’s office after 2 weeks (8-10 weeks) to vaccinate your kitten. This time the booster dose of feline leukemia, FIP, and FVRCPC will be applied. If you have dewormed your kitten during your first visit, repeat the worming procedure once again to completely remove the intestinal burden.

You should vaccinate your kitten third time also with FVRCPC Vaccine against the dreadful diseases at the age of 14-16weeks. If your kitten is 12 weeks old during this visit you should vaccinate your kitten against Rabies also!

Happy Birthday

During your kitten’s maiden birthday along with the celebration don’t forget to vaccinate with booster doses of Rabies and FVRCPC Vaccines. For every birthday you need to pay your visit to vet’s office for vaccinating with booster doses of Rabies and FVRCPC VACCINES.

Side Effects

The risk of side effects are very minimal than the risk of catching a disease without vaccination. You can read the causes, symptoms and the cost of treatment for those dreadful diseases in the CAT HEALTH CARE section of this site.

The common side effects of cat vaccination include allergy, skin eruptions and fever. Some times feline leukemia vaccines may result to form cancer at the site of the injection. But this tumor can be removed easily once you have diagnosed a small lump at the site of injection. That’s why most of the vet’s are not advising to go for Feline leukemia virus unless otherwise this disease is epidemic in that area.

As bottom line, Pain will be noticed while vaccinating your kitten like humans but the risk of catching a disease will be pronounced in the absence of cat vaccination.

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