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Get to Know the Feeding Habits of Orphaned Cats

The normal feeding habit of the orphaned cat gets affected when the cat gets in to any kind of digestive disturbances such as diarrhea, constipation, pain in the stomach etc.

Instead of forcing the orphaned cat to eat what one feeds when the cats is having above-mentioned problem, one should get to the root cause of the problem and try alleviating it.

The feeding habit may differ from cat to cat based on age, size and physiological status of the cat as well as climatic condition.

Feeding habits of orphaned cats
When the food [meat pieces] was placed in front of the healthy cat, it will lick the food first by its tongue, which is rough. Then biting and swallowing follows.

In case the movement of the head is proper while swallowing the food, then one can be sure that there is no problem such as choke. The food that is provided to the orphaned cat should come in time. The feeding time schedule must be fixed. Otherwise just like the human being the digestive secretions will destroy the stomach, in the absence of food.

The changed feeding habits may be due the physiological changes or pathological changes in the body. One should be able to differentiate the changes mentioned-above so that he can approach the veterinarian for help, if the changes are due to pathological changes. Besides the feeding habit also changes based depending on the palatability of the food.

If the cat owner has the habit of feeding the cat with warm food and he provides cold food by any chance suddenly then the cat may not eat the food provided.

In the same way if the owner provides warm food for the cat, which is used to cold food, there again there will be change in the feeding time, feeding quantity etc.

Feeding Wheat Grass and Juice to Cats
One way to help your orphan cat to digest vegetables is nothing but feeding wheat grass and juice to cats to every meal.The main advantage of feeding wheat grass and juice to your orphan cat is that it has a molecular structure similar to the hemoglobin of human blood and is exceedingly high in chlorophyll, which is a blood of the plant.

Feeding Cats with Fishes
We know very well that the fish is the most preferred food by the cat. When the cat is provided with fish during its dying moment, even then the cat will make all efforts to eat the fish before dying. So much is the liking of the cat towards fish.

When the fish is provided to the orphaned cat, one can notice that the cat eats it hurriedly, which will not be the case with other foodstuffs. The water needs to be provided to the cat in the trough.

The cat will use its tongue to lap the water. The normal feeding habits of the orphaned cat must be well understood by the cat owner. Only then he can find out if there is any deviation or abnormality which can be corrected by taking the help from veterinarian.