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Basic Cat Anatomy of feet and claws

Feet and claws are important parts associated with walking of cats and the feet arrangement is in such a way that the cats are able to adapt the characteristic walk called as cat walk.

The foot has strong metacarpal in the fore limbs and metatarsal bones in hind limbs. Similarly, the feet and claws comprise structures like carpal bones.

Manus is the important part, which has five metacarpals, and the five digits that have phalanges articulate with these metacarpal bones. The feet has hardened and keratinized structures and pugmark is being created by the heel and toe pads of the feet in cats.

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The feet and claws have been arranged in a unique manner that helps in increasing the momentum of the walk or running while this species exhibit the hunting activities etc.

The feet and claws get connected with their appropriate muscles and hence, claws with their specialized structure like epithelial sheath become strong during action. The claws are the more specialized parts because of this retractile nature and these are the direct continuations of dermis and epidermis. They have anatomical configuration in such a way they get emerged when the cat is excited or ready for hunting or fighting.

Feet and claws have epidermis and more particularly, the epidermis is modified as the resistant horny plats while the connective tissue is being supported by corium and hence, the horny plate is well protected.

Feet and claws are richly supplied with blood vessels and any concussion will alter the microscopic structures. The plantar part is also called as palmar part and the digital pad is this plantar part and lies posterior to the horny sole.

Feet and claws get impulse from brain and the bed of horny plates has proximal bed and distal bed, which is so extensive. Claw bone is surrounded by specific skin fold and has digital pad along with the claw fold. These structures are important in motor functions.

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