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Common Feline Ailments

Feline illnesses

Feline ailments are to be given more clinical significance because the cats become highly affected by these conditions. Cats are more vulnerable to the ailments in general. Feline ailments are to be treated with proper care and management measures.

This is to avoid the further complications in the concerned felines. Feline ailments related to the vomiting consist of gastritis and gastro enteritis.

Many times, foreign bodies may get lodged in various regions of the stomach region and may cause clinical problems.

Similarly, the cats may have ailment due to the occurrence of hair balls also. In such cases, the animal may have indigestion that can not be cured by routine medications.

When the cats are affected by acute nephritis, the affected ones may reveal clinical symptoms like severe vomiting and lethargic movements, in addition to the pain in the sub-lumbar region.

Feline distemper has to be revealed if the animal has exhibited signs like seizures, convulsions etc.

If the cat starts biting of objects vigorously, then suspect the viral disease like rabies or some pain causing problem of the cat.

Oral problems like gingivitis may lead to anorexia of long standing in nature. Further, the cats may often go down in condition and often they exhibit the different type of feeding activity by adapting a change in the posture of head during eating activities.

Yeah... The animal may not show a routine appetite and often become dull. In such occasions, you need to examine the clinical samples to be obtained from the affected cat in a laboratory, subsequent to the consultation with a veterinarian.

Similarly, when the cats have illnesses due to the intestinal affections, the affected ones often tend to have diarrhea or some times the dysentery. Blood streaks may or may not be present depending on the extent and the type of pathogenesis.

Feline ailments pertaining to the pancreas often may end up in the passage of more quantities of stool materials. The pancreatic enzyme related investigations have to be undertaken in such occasions to confirm the diseases.


If feline pan leucopenia and feline rhino tracheitis affect your cat, then you have to be more careful in offering the therapy to these ailing cats. Since it is difficult to control the viral infections, it is better to concentrate more on the prevention of these feline problems.

Feline ailments deserve instant attending with right kind of medicaments to avoid the problems to the life of the felines. Yeah. You need to understand all about the feline ailments if you own the cats.

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