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Flea and Cat Health

Flea and cat health are always inter related ones. Yeah. This is true! Whenever fleas are present over the body, the cats regardless of species get affected.

Pet owners often underestimate the presence of flea problem. However, this is not correct. Flea may cause irritation to the skin. Hence, the cat may reveal the sign of itching often.

Some times, this itching may be so severe to the extent of even bleeding. Such pruritus may be due to the allergic reaction due to the presence of flea problem. Many cat species are sensitive to the presence of flea problem, which is constantly making annoying these cats.

Ctenocephalides felis is the common type of flea found in many cats belonging to various species. Constant biting by the many number of fleas on the body of cats lead to the irritation of skin and thereby causes itching in the affected cats.

The cat may tend to rub against any rough object and most of the times, against the wall.

The fluid discharged by the flea during the biting may lead to the development of flea allergy in the concerned cat species. In such cases, the affected cats always have severe reactions.

This may even go to the extent of biting the body regions. The rump is the most affected one in case of fleabite problem.

However, other regions also may get affected. Never blindly use the products used for the dogs on cats. Hence, flea and cat health are the associated ones always.

Most of the over-the-counter products are dangerous to the cats. Hence, read the instructions of the products carefully and meticulously follow the instructions given on the label. Currently many treatments are available for the minimizing of problem with the fleas.

Injections containing the avermectin group of compound may help a lot in the treatment of the flea problem. However, you need to consult a veterinarian in this regard. Generally, this injection is avoided in case of lesser-aged cats.

Now day's external applications are available and just you have to apply this solution or a paste on the body of the cats. This will help a lot in getting the proper recovery from the flea problem.

Special types of combs are available to remove the flea excreta and the fleas. Never apply any parasiticides on your cat because it may affect the health status in the cats.

The cats should not be applied any medication when they are in advanced pregnancy status or in younger age status.

Similarly, the debilitated cats and aged cats have to be applied with external drug preparations only on strict veterinary supervision.

Flea collars are available to control the flea infestations. Remember that the flea infestation may have an impact on the routine behavior of your lovely cat. So, you need to start the therapy measures immediately.

Flea and cat health are given emphasis in all countries. Relationship between flea and cat health prompted various firms to go in for many products against these fleas. It is difficult to control the fleas in places with hot and humid conditions.

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