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Dealing With the Hairballs in Pet Cat

The hairball problem is very common in the cats especially the ones that developed long hairs; I mean the long hair breeds. Per se the long haired breeds are preferred and loved by many which is the reason they long to have one at their house. Then there is no way; they can avoid having this problem. But, there is no need to get bogged by the problem, which can be addressed by many ways. Let’s discuss about it here.

Trichobezoar is the medical name of the hairball. The fur ball is the other common name for the same. These hairballs developed and do enter the digestive system off the cat, while they use their wet toque to groom their hair or to lick their body for some other reason. It may be vice in some cats.

The hair that had rolled in to a ball or mat causes various gastro intestinal disorders and disturbances as we all know the hair can't be disgusted. If the hair ball gets struck in the pathway between the food and stomach the disturbances are different in nature [ indigestion, and if the hair balls gets struck in the intestine, the disturbances are different[ constipation].


Treatments are aplenty, there is no need to ponder much or get troubled. In any case prevention is the best option for any trouble. Hence frequent grooming is the best for prevention of hair ball problem in cat. There different combs are available in the market. Just buy the one that suits your liking and go about the job regularly and diligently.


Hairball products are available freely in the market. They are mostly products that are petroleum based. These products just duplicated the function of laxatives and lubricants there by assisting the pet cat to flush out the hairballs. Hairballs products are produced keeping in mind the liking of the cat. Hence the taste attracts the cat to consume the same without any hesitation. These products are at times applied on the cat's paw so that the animal can lick it up at will, which solves the trouble of administering the same forcefully to the animal.

The cats can also be given hairball treats such as pounce that contain mineral oil. This mineral oil helps to break the hairball there by making it easy for flushing out. Recently few pet food companies have introduced specific special food for the cats with frequent fur ball or hair ball problems. The vets need to be consulted before deciding on purchasing them, which makes sense.


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