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A healthy cat makes Happy home

What is healthy cat?

A healthy cat is the one that appears good, revealing no signs of any illness or disease and may not harbor the disease causing pathogens to the significant level.

You can't make your cat pathogen free because of the environment in which it is reared. Hence, the owner who wants to maintain a healthy cat has certain duties to perform during maintaining your cat's health by properly adapting certain basic steps.

Cat Coat Healthy

The coat needs to appear neat but at the same time, it should be healthy. There are many occasions a veterinarian encounter a cat, which looks so healthy at a distance, but on closer clinical investigation, there may be plenty of ticks or lice on the body. If the cat owners want to maintain a healthy cat, it is to be remembered that the effective health care measures start from care of the coat itself.


The cat owner needs to check up the coat frequently by separating hair randomly in different regions of the body, as a priority. A healthy cat should not have signs of itching, excessive scales etc.

If you want to keep your cat healthy, bathing need not be carried out daily and may be done once a week or ten days. Avoid ear infection through water entry into ears.

A healthy cat needs to be looked for any abnormalities in grooming features revealed like excessive grooming etc.

Cat Health Vs Internal Parasites

Similarly, a healthy cat is to be examined for the presence of internal parasites, particularly the Toxacara cati and Toxascaris leonina.

In these, Toxacara cati is even acquired from the ingestion of infected hosts like birds or insects and there are recorded incidences of acquiring of this problem in kittens from queen cat through consuming of milk. Hence, the cat is to be taken to a veterinarian for routine deworming which is generally done once in three months.

Proper vaccination schedules for dealing with disease like feline panleukopenia, feline leukemia, and leptospirosis need to be carried out to maintain a healthy cat. The cattery needs to be kept neat and use suitable disinfectant that don't cause allergy in the cats. These steps are essential ones for a healthy cat.

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  • For a healthy cat feed your cat a well balanced diet.
  • Keep your cats digestive tract healthy by de-worming on a regular basis.
  • Have a veterinarian give your cat a thorough check up at least once a year.