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Home made food for cats

Home made food is certainly the best for the cats that are reared in the house as pets. This is because the nutrient requirement of the cat can be met with. In addition to that the hygiene part of the food is also taken care.

In case of feeding home made food, the pet owner must have complete knowledge about the requirement of the cat, the quality, quantity and nutritive value of the food.

It is better to approach a veterinarian to get information regarding certain basics of the anatomy, physiology of the cat and also the nutritional requirement of the cat according to the age etc. The home made food will be liked by the cat also as it is very fresh when compared to the store purchased food.

In most cases the main ingredient of the home made food will be meat. The meat is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate etc hence can be considered ideal for the home made food.

But the minerals such as calcium and phosporus may be deficient in the meat. Hence the pet owner must make sure sufficient quantity of calcium and phosphorous are provided to the cats in the home made food. Otherwise the deficiency of these minerals will lead to various nutritional problems.

For this purpose mixing the bone in the home made food is also practiced. One should remember that the bone is the good source of calcium, phosphorous and many other minerals. Commercial mineral mixture preparations are also available, which can be mixed in the home made food in case mixing the ground bone is not feasible.

One must remember that the cats are carnivores, hence they prefer meat, bone, skin, contents of the organs more when compared to the milk, bread, cereals etc. People generally prefer to make vegetarian home made food for cats which needs to be avoided as much as possible.

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