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How much to feed a cat?

When to feed and how much to feed a cat is often a question that is frequently asked by many cat owners. Feeding at least twice per day is required in cats. During understanding on when to feed and how much to feed, one should avoid overfeeding of the cats because it may develop digestive disturbances and diarrhea. Providing calcium for lactating animals is an important point in feeding pregnant cats.

Further, the frequency of feeding of diluted milk to the orphaned kittens may be increased to many times a day unlike the case with adult cats, which are generally fed rarely more than twice. For cats in general, the milk is to be reduced in quantity because of the fact that digestibility of milk sugar is not up to the mark in cats and interactions may be made with other cat owners to know message on when to feed and how much.

Feeding of diets containing protein especially meat may be done in the periods subsequent to the sleeping time revealed by the cat. This is because of the fact that there will be a better digestion due to the body movements in intestinal segments during the active periods. Hence, one shall avoid logically bulk feeding before the sleep hours. The feeding activities with out knowledge on when to feed and how much may land up in digestive upsets which in turn will upset the cat owner.

The basic procedure to be understood by many cat owners who deal with information on when to feed and how much pertains to the fundamental features related with supply of water also. Cat owner needs to provide unrestricted and hygienic supply of water. If the cat is being offered dry feed items, then the cat may take about two hundred to three hundred ml of water per day and the quantity of water consumed by cats perhaps depend on the different body conditions like hydration status, feed type, climate, cleanliness etc.

As bottom line, for knowing how much to feed a cat, the best answer is that feeding your cat depends not only on the food you are feeding but also your cat’s individual needs. Weighing your cat at least once a month will give you if you are on the right track. Increasing or decreasing the amount of food should be practiced until its weight get stabilized.

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  • For a healthy cat feed your cat a well balanced diet.
  • Keep your cats digestive tract healthy by de-worming on a regular basis.
  • Have a veterinarian give your cat a thorough check up at least once a year.