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Low Cost Cat Vaccinations- a Nightmare?

Are you looking for low cost cat vaccinations? Before knowing about the low cost vaccination or your cats, you need to know about the need for vaccine and vaccination schedule.

Need for cat vaccination

Vaccinations are the important measures related to the maintenance of health status in house cats. As we know, prevention is better than cure, vaccination of your cat satisfies this proverb. However, it is important to understand that disease will not differentiate whether it is a pedigree animal or not. So, vaccinations are the more important ones to be carried out in the companion cats.

Cat Vaccination Schedule
The age of cat that is well nursed by queen for the administration of vaccine is about nine to twelve weeks. Start the vaccine at 6weeks of age itself in orphaned kittens.

With regard to the vaccinations, the cat owner should understand that the vaccine might be a killed vaccine or live modified or attenuated vaccine, basically. Toxoids, mixed vaccines, sub unit vaccines are the other examples of vaccines.

The live vaccines have merit of requirement of single dose in case of cat species that have 12 weeks of age for the production of immunity against diseases and if it is a killed vaccine, usually two doses are required in cats.

Certain times, additives may be incorporated to stimulate immunity. Immunity in cats vaccinated with killed vaccine may not last long unlike the case with live vaccines. Vaccinations against leptospirosis, calci virus, herpes virus and feline panleukopenia need to be carried out. (Combo Vaccine for Cats)

Vaccination against feline infectious peritonitis
Feline infectious peritonitis is one of the pathogenic and immune mediated viruses in cats and in countries with known availability of disease, the vaccinations are regularly carried out in cats and often, an attenuated, live virus vaccine is used in cats by means of intranasal route. If exposure situations are suspected, then the protection is a must in cats.

Vaccinations against feline leukemia
In general, the vaccine for feline leukemia is regularly given in most of the countries to cats.

Rabies Vaccination for cats
Most of us know very well that incidence of rabies in cats is negligible, but we should not take this into account as house cats are at risk, as bats do enter homes. Rabies is always fatal in an unprotected cat, hence first vaccination (primary dose) should be given at the age of 12 weeks or more with subsequent annual vaccination.

Cat Vaccination- How often?
Booster vaccinations may be carried out as soon as the new cat is procured. However, the booster vaccine needs to be given once in a year and if the area is endemic to a particular disease. However, there is no wrong to give a booster vaccine earlier to the prescribed period. Booster vaccinations may be given, not earlier than 21 days of primary vaccination.

Cat Vaccine Cost
Generally, most of the private clinics are charging huge amount for vaccine your pet. You can contact the nearest SPCA or Blue Cross to get low cost cat vaccinations. The fees are as follows: -
1. Rabies Shots for Cats $6

2. Combo Vaccine for Cats $10

Combination vaccines for cats include FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calici, panleukopenia). You should keep the cat vaccination health records in a perfect manner for future reference of vaccination.

Still why are you waiting? Explore the possibilities of low cost cat vaccinations in your area by visiting your local SPCA or Blue Cross websites.


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