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Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cat species is one of the lovable cat species. Most of us may ask how this cat species acquired this name. The morphological appearance of this cat species is having similarities with the raccoon and this is the reason for which, these cats are being named like this. Maine Coon cats are quoted to have North America as their origin. If you go for shopping along with this cat, it is damn sure that it attracts crowd like anything.

Comparatively, the common problem with this cat species is the presence of long hair. The owner of Maine Coon cat need to take additional care measures, related with the maintenance of healthy coat in their companion animals.

During the warm weather, hair falling may be encountered in this Maine Coon cats, like any other species.

Hence, one has to take extra care in grooming of this species to avoid getting infected by the fallen hair materials which may cling on to the ropes, different kinds of furniture, walls etc.

Though these cats are quoted to be hardy in nature, it is also equally true that these cats are affectionate to the owners and are gentle in characters.
Of course, on many occasions, this Maine Coon cats are being considered as better household pets and provides a satisfactory companionship to the cat owners.

The tail of this cat is comparatively a long and bushy one. The body is large and beautiful and is known to be compatible with social companions and Maine Coon is elegant to look and is courageous also.

The potential health problems encountered with this breed is nothing but polycystic kidney disease and hip dysplasia. As a owner of maine coon cat, you should made up your mind to accept these health hazards.

When it attains age of four years, full size is achieved in these cats. Mostly children who visit the cat shows often get attracted by the mere size of these cat species and start pestering their parents to buy such massive cat species.

Maine Coon cats are reported to be the experts in catching the rats. Good pedigree breeds are available in this cat species and the cat breeders in the development of the appreciable bloodlines related with the Maine Coon is regularly using these.

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