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Manx Cat

Manx is one of the wonderful cat species that has unique characteristics admired by many people. This breed of cats is being considered as a pedigree cat through out the world. Manx of course have thick coat and hence, the problem of dealing with winter is successful, in general.

Tail and Manx
In the hypothecated history, this Manx cat is being thought as the one that boarded the Noah’s ark, lastly and during that time, since the door closed fast, the tail was cut off and since then, this breed is tailless !. Of course, it is the genetic trait one can observe in this breed.

Hence, since the Manx cats are tailless, utilizing this feature, there are some people who attempt to cut the tail of the cat that looks, more or less similar to the Manx in many features. They will make profit from the ignorant persons who try to purchase this breed and in such problematical occasions, when it is bred properly, the progeny may even have tails. This indicates that the persons should be of very careful in this angle before the purchase of this breed.

Vertebrae and Manx
The vertebral column often shows some anatomical problems in the Manx breed and these are determined genetically and hence, this breed may have or experience some problems. There may be even decrease in the number of vertebrae in the posterior portions of vertebral column. The queens of this breed of cats will often have small litter only.

During the associated research in these cats, it was found that these cats experience the anatomical problems that become the hindrance for the development of kittens inside the uterus and as a net result, intra uterine mortality is often encountered in this cat.

Abnormalities have been found in the development of pelvic and sacral bones. Similarly, in the anterior parts of vertebral column, a slight decrease in the length of bone of the vertebral region is noticed in Manx.

Breeding and Manx
There are cat breeders who develop particularly the well defined bloodlines of this breed and attempt to maintain this and this will be often revealed in the meetings associated with Manx cat club or cat associations.

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