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Importance of Milk and Water in Your Kitten Feed

Milk and water are very important for the cats that are maintained as pet in the house. Not all the cats can digest the milk very well, some cats find it difficult. In some the milk can result in adverse reactions. But the fact is that in majority of the cats prefer milk for consumption. Water of course is more important than milk.

Lactose Intolerance in Kittens
The lactose is the sugar that is present in the milk and is generally referred as milk sugar. This lactose is disaccharides [carbohydrate classification]. As discussed earlier some species of cat cannot digest lactose as easy as the other animals

Taking this point in to consideration, milk feeding to the cat can be restricted as much as possible. Many people or pet owners find it easy to feed the cat with milk as the availability of the milk is abundant. Those people should keep this point in mind.

When attempting feeding of milk and water to the cat, be careful not to go for buffalo’s milk or milk with fat percentage of above 3.5%. Since the fat content of the buffalo’s milk is more, diarrhea is the sequel in cats. The queen’s milk is rich in nutrients and immunoglobulin, which needs to be fed to the young one’s necessarily in order to boost the immunity of the young one of the cats. Otherwise they will be highly susceptible for any kind of infections.

Water is undoubtedly the most important nutrient not only for the cat but also for all other animals including the human beings. More than 60 percent of the cat’s body is nothing but water. Water helps in digestion, moving the digested material along the food passage, and even in elimination of the waste products from the body through urine. The milk and water can be provided to the cat both mixed or separately.

The cat must be provided adequate quantity of milk and water, though there are certain short falls in feeding the milk liberally. Milk has certainly many advantages when fed to the cat as it rich in fat, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins. When it comes to water, it must be provided liberally. Especially when the cats were given dry food, immediately follow it up with water otherwise the digestive problem will follow.

The supplied water must be clean and free from any kind of contamination. In case the contaminants are noticed in milk and water, they must be cleared at once. The milk and water can be provided to the cat after heating them for a while to remove the bacterial contamination if there is any.