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Cat Nutrition

Cat health food should always relate to the provision of palatable, balanced and complete feeds. Nutrition requirement in a cat is different from most of the mammals and is so different from the dogs also.

Unless correct cat health food with adequate provision of water is not maintained, the cats become sick too quickly.

If you have not provided cat health food properly, poor reproductive performance and nutritional disorders occur. There is highly specific requirement of carbohydrates unlike the case with either protein or fat, which are essential to meet the proper energy demands.

During provision of feeding to cat, one should remember that the meat or meat based food product is more palatable and cat health food than the cereal or cereal-based product.

In cat nutrition, it is to be remembered that they require protein comparatively in higher quantities than the dog or most of the mammals. Protein should constitute at least 30 per cent of the diet on a dry matter basis.

Lactating queens require calcium as the cat health food. Avoid bulk feeding in cats, always and similarly; avoid feeding of large amounts in cats before sleeping. The requirement of taurine is more in cats and is essential for production of bile salts that help in better digestion.

Meat and fish are excellent sources of good quality of protein for cats. Hygienically packed canned food may be preferred from reputed firms. Cats are extremely sensitive to the dietary deficiency of arginine content useful for muscular and nervous integrity.

Similarly, another specialty in cat health food is that the cats require more amounts of preformed vitamin-A like retinyl palmitate and retinyl acetate. It is noteworthy to mention that these are available in fish liver oil and liver.

Too much fiber leads to diarrhea in cats. The natural feed of cat includes birds, cockroaches, lizards etc. Fresh water should be always available in cattery.

If the cat owner wants to maintain proper nutrition to the cat, the feed supplementation needs to be paid emphasis during provision of canned food to cats.

Bone mixed meat pieces may be given instead of meat alone. It is to be remembered that one should pay attention on feeding habits like licking of feed by tongue etc.

Cats do not properly digest lactose of the milk and hence restricted milk supply is the required one in cats. Mineral supplementation is a must in cat health food.

Calcium and phosphorus needs to be present in cat health food in a ratio of 2:1. Thiamine and niacin requirement are high in cats. Because of adequate synthesis in liver, vitamin C is not much necessary. Take suitable precautions in nutrition always if you want a healthy and active cat.

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