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Tips on How to Prevent Cat Rabies

A fatal zoonotic disease developed in animals infected by a virus called Rabies. It is the most common disease found in Asia and Africa and in some developed countries. Among the domestic animals, Cat is the common carrier of the rabies disease. Rabies is a contracting disease that is easy and heavily risked especially once caught from the streets. The rabies infected to the domestic and wild animals, cats, eventually spread to people, when in contact with them through Saliva, bite-marks and scratches. So you need to know how to prevent cat rabies.

Cat likes to wander outdoor increasing the minimal chances of the spread of infection when they meet with wild animals. It becomes important to take steps to prevent cat rabies because it can spread from one animal to the other easily. The best way to prevent cat rabies infection is by early vaccination preventing your pet, cat or dog of infecting with rabies also developing into contracting of the disease.

The Stray animals often infected with rabies, you should help keeping away from your pet cat. If you allow your cat in the outdoor, make sure you watch over her so that she will not stray away to other places. You should also lodge information on stray animals in your neighborhood in the local health department. It is not wise to handle the stray cat yourself as they may bite you and inturn you catch disease.

In addition, you should refrain from feeding the wild cat, as they are aggressive and increase the chances of cat bites.

Safe protection measures should follow if you observe a wound on the cat. You should quickly pay a visit to the local vet to perform a full medical checkup. Wearing hand gloves and getting yourself vaccinated before you work with animals minimize the spread of rabies to the humans. Vet doctor should request their general physician to provide a vaccine for high-risk person that is vulnerable to the cat rabies. You can find such rabies vaccination shots from the local health departments.

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