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Siamese Cat

Siamese cat is no doubt one of the multiple cat species often preferred by people particularly by most of the children because of the attractive coat it has and further, this species of cat is more calm but alert in nature and is friendly too when reared in the house. Though many species of cat are available, this Siamese species is unique in nature and many breeders are of the opinion that this species is the quintessence of cat breeding.

This Siamese cat has slim body with tail that is kinked in nature and this species is the frequently presented species in most of the cat shows conducted in any country and is highly vocal in nature, unlike other cat species.

Like human beings, this species is observed to make boredom related modifications in its behavior and such modifications in its behavior are reflected in the form of grooming at excessive level. Siamese cat bears the name mainly because of it’s origin called as Siam and this place is nothing but Thailand region.

Another specialty of this Siamese species is that it is the temperature that determines the darkening of color, which in turn is dependent on the formation of concerned pigments in the hair materials of this species.

In an environment that has increased ambient temperature, there is less darkening of coat. Similarly, if there is an environment with low ambient temperature, there is more fading of pigments, with resulting in less darkening of the coat.

The formation of pigment in the hair material is thermal dependent, which is to be taken as a significant factor for the differences between the colors observed on body of this Siamese cat. There are many variants in genotypes of Siamese colors.

Another unique feature in newborns of this Siamese cat is that during birth, no color differences are perceived by any observer and hence, at birth, this species may look pale to the observer. However, when the Siamese species start growing, the ears and nose start revealing pigmentation differences, when compared to the other regions of the body that reveals oriental type.

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