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How To Stop Cat Scratching?

Whether your cat scratching door frams in the house? Do you think this it is difficult to stop cat scratching? No... You can offer your cat a healthy alternative to satisfy their scratching needs.

First and foremost thing is go to your pet store and purchase some heavy plastic sheeting or double-sided carpet tape. You can use this temporary measures until your critter learns to scratch an approved target.

More or less cats are like us, after all, both of us are mammals. Scratching is a natural phenomena of felids. They scratch because they mark the territory and deposit scent on it. In home, it is a way for your felid to say you are mine.

You can trim your cats nail. I am not talking about declawing. Just trim the nails. You so they accept it as part of routine grooming. If it is not possible for you to do regularly, then purchase a good vertical cat scratching post and begin training.

Beware your cats are not a pug or a doberman to train them. You'll need to train your cat hecticly to adopt to this situation of using cat scratching posts. Cat training is a fun process and straightforward, which always succeds if you follow a method that works and have a descent cat scratching pole. The cat scratching pole should attract your cat's attention.

Some of the owners are using soft claws for the kiities to prevent the sofa and drapes get injured.

As bottom line, you can stop cat scratching problems by routine nail trimming, covering the claws with soft claws and using cat scratching posts. By following these simple solutions you can stop cat scratching your sofa and/or chair and also you'll avoid a good deal of futility and frustration.

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